More Belinda Carlisle deluxe editions coming soon from Edsel


Having tackled deluxe editions of the four Virgin/MCA albums earlier this year (and the Anthology and Collection sets), Edsel Records have turned their attentions to Belinda Carlisle‘s other three studio albums which will all be reissued in September as deluxe editions.

Her 1986 debut Belinda is expanded to include a few remixes and comes with a DVD of a 1986 concert, while her last English language pop album A Woman And A Man (1997) is a 2CD+DVD set, similar to the earlier releases.

Voila, the singer’s last record from 2007, was described at the time as an album of ‘classic French chansons and pop standards’. All the songs are sung in French but a special edition double CD did offer four English sung bonus tracks. These are included in this new expanded CD.

All these new deluxe editions will be issued on 1 September and this Belinda-fest doesn’t stop there, because Amazon are also showing a seven-disc Complete Studio Albums box due in October!


A Woman And A Man


Track listing



Disc: 1 (CD)

  • 1. Mad About You
  • 2. I Need A Disguise
  • 3. Since You’ve Gone
  • 4. I Feel The Magic
  • 5. I Never Wanted A Rich Man
  • 6. Band Of Gold
  • 7. Gotta Get To You
  • 8. From The Heart
  • 9. Shot In The Dark
  • 10. Stuff And Nonsense
  • 11. Band Of Gold [featuring Freda Payne] [single mix]
  • 12. Dancing In The City
  • 13. Mad About You [extended version]
  • 14. Band Of Gold [featuring Freda Payne] [extended mix]
  • 15. Band Of Gold [featuring Freda Payne] [dub mix]

Disc: 2 (DVD)

  • 1. Mad About You (DVD – Filmed live in concert in 1986)
  • 2. I Feel The Magic (DVD – Filmed live in concert in 1986)
  • 3. Gotta Get To You (DVD – Filmed live in concert in 1986)
  • 4. Shot In The Dark (DVD – Filmed live in concert in 1986)
  • 5. We Got The Beat (DVD – Filmed live in concert in 1986)
  • 6. Band Of Gold (DVD – Filmed live in concert in 1986)
  • 7. Lust To Love (DVD – Filmed live in concert in 1986)
  • 8. From The Heart (DVD – Filmed live in concert in 1986)
  • 9. Mad About You (DVD – Filmed live in concert in 1986)
  • 10. Since You’ve Gone (DVD – Filmed live in concert in 1986)
  • 11. Head Over Heels (DVD – Filmed live in concert in 1986)
  • 12. I Feel The Magic (DVD – Filmed live in concert in 1986)


A Woman And A Man

Disc: 1

  • 1. In Too Deep
  • 2. California
  • 3. A Woman And A Man
  • 4. Remember September
  • 5. Listen To Love
  • 6. Always Breaking My Heart
  • 7. Love Doesn’t Live Here
  • 8. He Goes On
  • 9. Kneel At Your Feet
  • 10. Love In The Key Of C
  • 11. My Heart Goes Out To You
  • 12. In Too Deep [single edit]
  • 13. Always Breaking My Heart [single edit]
  • 14. In Too Deep [acoustic]
  • 15. Circle In The Sand [acoustic]

Disc: 2

  • 1. The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan
  • 2. Jealous Guy
  • 3. I See No Ships
  • 4. Love Walks In
  • 5. Submission
  • 6. I Won’t Say I’m In Love
  • 7. Heaven Is A Place On Earth [live]
  • 8. Big Scary Animal [live]
  • 9. I Get Weak [live]
  • 10. Leave A Light On [live]
  • 11. Live Your Life Be Free [live]
  • 12. In Too Deep [live]
  • 13. Remember September [JPO Club Pipes]
  • 14. Remember September [Beam’s Club Mix]
  • 15. Remember September [Beam’s Vocal Mix]

Disc: 3 (DVD)

  • 1. In Too Deep (DVD – Promo Video)
  • 2. Always Breaking My Heart (DVD – Promo Video)
  • 3. Love In The Key Of C (DVD – Promo Video)
  • 4. California (DVD – Promo Video)



  • 1. Ma Jeunesse Fout Le Camp
  • 2. Bonnie Et Clyde
  • 3. Avec Le Temps
  • 4. Sous Le Ciel De Paris
  • 5. Des Ronds Dans L’Eau
  • 6. Pourtant Tu M’Aimes
  • 7. Ne Me Quitte Pas
  • 8. La Vie En Rose
  • 9. Contact
  • 10. Merci Chéri
  • 11. Jezebel
  • 12. I Still Love Him
  • 13. La Vie En Rose
  • 14. Bonnie And Clyde
  • 15. If You Go Away


A Woman And A Man


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Mark Wilson

The Belinda cd is now only £5 on amazon uk.


I hope Cherry red o Edsel will work on the other group of the Go Go’s (Jane Weidlin) that made a Big Hit Here in the states like the song Blue kiss. Also I hope that they revisited some artist like The Londonbeat, Regina (Baby love), the Jets (Rocket 2 U) as well as those one hit wonder artist…

[…] This will contain all seven albums, namely Belinda, Heaven On Earth, Runaway Horses, Live Your Life Be Free, Real, A Woman And A Man, and Voila. We are not expecting any bonus material on the discs included within and of course the Demon imprint have already issued four of the above albums as deluxe editions. The remaining three are due out individually soon – details here. […]


‘Voila’ has the English version of ‘Bonnie And Clyde’ rather than the French ‘Bonnie Et Clyde’ as track 2. However, I found this recent post elsewhere:

News in from Demon Music Group “Massive apologies to everyone who has purchased the re-issues of ‘A Woman And a Man’ and ‘Voila’. The error that occurred on both projects was down to genuine human
error and for that we are really sorry, we are doing everything we can to rectify this immediately. We sincerely hope this will not hamper your enjoyment of what is a wonderful catalogue of releases and can assure that the new box set masters have been triple checked and are free of issues. Today we’ll be receiving spindles of the corrected discs into our office, so any fans that would like to receive a corrected copy of these albums please e-mail 2e.DMG.Info2@bbc.com clearly marking your
e-mail ‘Belinda CD’ and we will post out a correct disc for you to insert into your packages. Thanks”

Mark Dooley

Seems i’ve missed the anthology as it is now sold out everywhere i’ve looked ! Don’t know where i can get a copy other than one for £207 on Amazon

Thomas Williams

The single edits of “In Too Deep” and “Always Breaking My Heart” are missing from disc 1 which were supposed to be tracks 12 and 13.


Wow, not sure I even want this set of reissues now particularly what seems to be a mess of A Woman And A Man deluxe. I’m in the U.S. so mine won’t ship until next week, still time to think about canceling. Not sure what to do.

Thomas Williams

There seems seems to be a couple of errors with the A Woman & A Man CD, two tracks are missing from disc one compared to amazon’s tracklisting and track 6 on disc two (“I Won’t Say I’m In Love”) is not Belinda singing but appears to be the Disney cast version that is sung by Susan Egan… What a shambles!


Which two tracks are missing from disc 1? And it’s seems pretty unseemly to include a Disney cast version rather than Belinda’s version of a song considering it’s supposed to be her deluxe reissue. If that’s the case I may cancel my order.


There are 2 “special edition” of HoE !
2010 Virgin/Emi with bonus live dvd
2013 Demon: 2cd+1dvd

Donovan Caldwell

No Special Edition of Belinda’s album, “Heaven On Earth”?? That was her BEST ALBUM!! There were plenty of mixes and dubs from that album as well. Why??? :(


I hope Edsel will add 7″ edit of “Dancing In The City” and 7″ remix of “I Feel The Magic” to “Belinda”. I guess this is the last time to be completed…


Bruno, see the conversation at the above link (The Second Disc website). Justin Kantor, who has written the liner notes for these Belinda Carlisle reissues, has stated that he got in contact with the project manager. The master for “I Feel the Magic” is lost, and Edsel did not wish to use a vinyl transfer. Universal would not license “Mad About You [12″ Instrumental]”, and the lack of “In My Wildest Dreams” is due to an artistic decision, apparently. However, I question that, since I was under the impression that a master could not be found. I did not ask about the 7″ edit of “Dancing in the City”, but my guess would be another lost master.


Thank you for your information. I read and understood. It’s very sad news. I hope they can add them from EPs…


Do we dare hope for Go-Go’s next…


I hope after this Carlisle’s releases Edsel completes the rest of Bananarama’s albums reissues and their missing mixes.


FYI. You guys might also try checking out the discussion regarding the “Belinda” reissue over at The Second Disc as well: http://theseconddisc.com/2014/07/22/mad-about-her-edsel-preps-next-wave-of-belinda-carlisle-reissues/

Justin Kantor, who has written the liner notes for these Belinda reissues, has commented and is looking into the 7″ of “I Feel Magic” and 12″ instrumental of “Mad About You”.


Glad everyone is on the bandwagon about I FEEL THE MAGIC remix…That has been missing from all the re-releases and would make it a must-have…VOILA has on it less than what was originally released…Why bother with a one cd edition when you can make it up the standards of the others?


Indeed. I thought for sure that the 7″ mix of “I Feel The Magic” would end up as a bonus track on this reissue, considering the completeness of the previous Edsel editions of Belinda’s back catalog. Likewise, the 12″ instrumental of “Mad About You” should be here as well. I read on another post here at superdeluxedition.com that the 7″ of “Dancing In The City” featured an edit of the song.

I imagine that the disc has enough unused space for the addition of these mixes. Hopefully, we can get Edsel to revise the track listing to include the missing versions before going to presses. I am surprised that these mixes were forgotten, unless the masters cannot be found.


Also missing the instrumental version of “Mad About You” from the 12″ single. Did “Dancing In The City” have a different version on the single than on the “Burglar” sountrack?


Apparently, disc 2 of “Belinda”, the DVD, has a track listing error. Tracks 1 and 2 are supposed to be the promo videos for “Mad About You” and “I Feel The Magic” instead of the live 1986 concert versions. Notice that the exact same tracks are listed below at numbers 9 and 12.

Also, isn’t “Belinda” missing the 7″ single mix of “I Feel The Magic”?


Yes, I’ve been wondering about the I feel the magic 7″remix too. It was shamefully missing from the exorbitant Anthology, but I felt sure it would turn up on this. It’s one of the few rarities outstanding. Is there any word on this, Paul?

The inclusion of this track would make this reissue unmissable, at present I’m going to pass I think.

John Morton

I’m a little disappointed with the “Belinda” album, where are all the videos? Needless to say,, I will still be buying all of these. I just wish Edsel would get the rest of the Everything But The Girl albums as well.


I was hoping for more from the Voila deluxe edition. The four English language versions are already easy to find. This is actually a pretty great album and I was hoping for some cool outtakes or alternate versions, maybe more with Brian Eno.


“Belinda” and “A Woman And A Man” with bonus tracks, videos and concert footage – BRILLIANT! These 2 will go nicely with her previous 3 deluxe reissues. One of the best female artists of the 1980s and 1990s.