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Morrissey’s newly announced album World Peace Is None Of Your Business will be available in special fan bundles, the most expensive of which includes and autographed copy of last year’s Autobiography.

As well as the book (UK Penguin Classics version) with Moz’s scribble on it, the top-of-the-range $150 package includes the following: vinyl album, CD album, lithograph and 12 lyric sheets, deluxe digital album, exclusive t-shirt, and poster that will feature your name (along with other fans). Cheaper bundles are available with less goodies.

At the moment the bundles are only available OUTSIDE EUROPE, but we’ll keep EU fans abreast of what’s happening over here as soon as we know.

World Peace… “bundle”

The twelve track album is also available separately, so if you want to give the bundles a miss then there are a few links below (for those in the UK, these will be updated soon). The title track is also available to download right now, if you want to ‘try before you buy’ the long-player!

World Peace Is None Of Your Business is released on 14 July 2014

Fan Bundles

CD Deluxe Edition



Track listing

  • 1. World Peace Is None Of Your Business
  • 2. Neal Cassady Drops Dead
  • 3. Istanbul
  • 4. I’m Not A Man
  • 5. Earth Is The Loneliest Planet
  • 6. Staircase At The University
  • 7. The Bullfighter Dies
  • 8. Kiss Me A Lot
  • 9. Smiler With Knife
  • 10. Kick The Bride Down The Aisle
  • 11. Mountjoy
  • 12. Oboe Concerto

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I received my US ultimate bundle today. The CD is the basic version (not the deluxe version). The book is the UK softcover version. The print on the shirt is fairly poor quality and the shirt size seems to run small. Still surprised/disappointed that such a pricey item wouldn’t include the deluxe version of the CD, a hardcover copy of the book and a higher quality shirt.

Alex Roderigues

The deluxe version is a Best Buy exclusive.

[…] had been expressing disappointment that the deluxe bundles announced a few weeks ago only offered a “deluxe digital album” rather than a physical […]


Fan Bundles “not available in Europe…yet”.
Available in Slovakia and Slovakia is in Europe.
Follow link Pre-order various fan bundles to check it.


If i may ask Paul & superdeluxe followers, with alot of other deluxe editions being only available in certain countries & then later being available in all of them. Is there a good chance the Fan Pack with be available in the UK/EU at some point soon? Just out of interest, why does this happen, is it a copyright/marketing issue when this happens!? Cheers. everyone.

Stan Butler

Enough is enough. These bundles are getting ridiculous. It makes ZTT in the 80’s look like some hippy co-operative commune. Just give us a collection of new songs. That’s all I need.What do I need a lithograph for?

I suspect Luke W’s prediction will come true. It certainly did with “You Are The Quarry”. I know, I bought them all.

Deluxe packages are fine for classic albums where the vaults can be raided for extra tracks. Charging $150 for a new album set is ridiculous.
I’ll buy the standard CD and be happy with it.

Totally agree about the cover. Not nice at all.

Luke W

The Swords cover didn’t answer the age old question of does a bear sh*t in the woods, but it did answer the second old question as to whether Morrissey’s do. Truly awful, this one is actually a (slight) improvement.


I have to admit that the $150 (£90) bundle is not actually that bad value… Given that your getting an autographed book, it seems fair..


Yes, so why can’t we have it?
Crap cover on the album by the way.


“Crap cover on the album by the way.”

It’s just as bad as the Swords album cover.


Oh my god. Wasn’t that a terrible cover? What was he thinking to use that picture as an album cover.

My Jelly

Bundles Galore available on this site


Luke W

He will probably pull a Morrissey and reissue the damn thing near Xmas to celebrate having a successful new album after being away for so long with a bonus CD with the additional tracks included (à la The Next Day).

Tim Larkham

Thanks for posting David. It would appear that the additional 6 tracks are limited to the MP3 bundle in the UK. A great shame. :(


The additional tracks aren’t available anywhere physically by the look of it so it’s not just the UK missing out, although by the use of the term ‘standard cd’ in these bundles I assume the deluxe cd will follow later in the year.


the German Amazon is now listing the Deluxe as “18 tracks over 2 CDs”


Here’s hoping he follows recent releases by Bowie & Depeche Mode and adds the bonus tracks to the vinyl.
With the UK store just launched I see that there’s no autographed book bundle for us, which is a shame.

Tim Larkham

SIX additional song only available on MP3 including the wonderful Scandinavia? Really hope these are available on CD when the UK release is announced.


Bonus tracks only with the download. If you want physical product, you are punished. I feel old.


with the deluxe package you get digital, cd, dbl album…