Out This Week / on 20 January 2017

Mike Oldfield / Return to Ommadawn (new album)

Mike Oldfield‘s 26th studio album is a follow-up to 1975’s Ommadawn and is available as a CD+DVD edition with a 5.1 surround sound mix. Read more

Pink Floyd / The Final Cut (vinyl)

The Pink Floyd vinyl reissue campaign ends with The Final Cut (from 1983) and A Momentary Lapse of Reason (from 1987). Read more

T. Rex / The Slider 2LP deluxe vinyl

T. Rex / The Slider (2LP coloured vinyl)

T. Rex‘s 1972 album is issues as a double sliver/red vinyl package with Rabbit Fighter: The Alternate Slider on the bonus LP. Read more

Paul Weller debut album reissued on vinyl LP

Paul Weller / debut and Wild Wood (vinyl reissues)

I’ve been playing both of these albums a lot lately and have decided that Paul Weller‘s 1992 debut is his best solo album, although Wild Wood comes very close. Grab these via today’s DEAL ALERT if it’s still available! Read more

Visage / The Wild Life: The Best Of Extended Versions and Remixes

This 11-track Visage remix collection has been available via the band’s own site for a while, but now gets a wider releaseRead more

Fairground Attraction / First Of A Million Kisses 2CD deluxe edition

Fairground Attraction / The First Of A Million Kisses (2CD deluxe)

Fairground Attraction‘s one and only proper album features the hit single Perfect. This deluxe rounds up all the B-sides and extra tracks and includes nine previously unreleased recordings. Read more

Status Quo / Don’t Stop (expanded edition)

Demon reissue a few Status Quo long-players this week, including Don’t Stop, their 1996 covers album which comes with four bonus tracks.


Dusty Springfield / Dusty In Memphis (vinyl LP)

180g vinyl reissue of Dusty Springfield‘s classic 1969 album. 1988 compilation The Silver Collection is also issued on vinyl.


Yardbirds / Live at the BBC (2CD set)

Rare BBC archive recordings (43 of them) restored and remastered from the 1965-68 era with Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page in the various Yardbirds line-ups.


Eurythmics / Greatest Hits (2LP vinyl)

The original Eurythmics greatest hits (from 1991) reissued (by Sony, not MOV) on 2LP vinyl. It’s been out before but this isn’t a bad price for a double and you get the full 18-track version.


Howard Shore / The Fly (soundtrack on vinyl)

Howard Shore‘s score to David Cronenberg’s memorably 1986 remake of The Fly is reissue on “Teleporter Fog Green” vinyl. Comes with a lenticular cover.

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Chris Squires

Paul? With your clout can you follow up the problem with Return to Ommadawn, it was always advertised as 180g heavyweight Vinyl and the actual record I have received is so flimsy, it’s back to the 1980s. I think on the Ommadawn thread someone has weighed it as 128g. Rather like the Dead or Alive issues can you do a post about what we should do. Mine came direct from Mike Oldfield.com so really it is bad form on their part.

Any ideas as to a way forward as there will be 1000s that need to be returned and / or replaced?


I do appreciate what Music On Vinyl do, I really do. But the constant focus on soundtrack, coloured vinyl reissues is almost becoming fetishistic! Only a few of their ‘mainstream’ releases tend to be coloured sadly, but when they do them, they’re sublime. So I do wish the Eurythmics double set was not black.


Hi Paul M, What Amazon are doing with you (and others) chills my piss. It really f%@king makes me angry. OK suspend your account but details of your passport, driving license, household bills? You only need to submit those for job applications, security checks etc.

Like you say, it`s giving your wallet a rest, which is something me and others on here could do with. Are you listening Paul S. it`s your fault! Na, only joking, we need more willpower, in fact I`ve managed to exercise it this year, I managed to not buy the Stones Mono L.P. Box and Macca`s Pure L.P. set when they were/are at a bargain price. I already have the CD box`s but you know how it is, BARGAIN price, GET IT NOW, do I need it? NO, but so what!

Hope it works out for you Paul M and Mr Sinclair keep up the excellent work! ; ))

Gotta have that Fleetwood Mac `Tango In The Night` box set though!


@Paul M, I think this might be what (mistakenly, in your case) has flagged up a problem:

“I do not sell, I only buy, in 95% of the case, for myself. I DO buy multiple items on occasion, normally when they are under £20, as [b]I have Prime[/b]”.

The T&C for Prime membership include something about being forbidden to re-sell any items you purchase under the Prime membership scheme. Now obviously you aren’t doing that, but your purchase history/activity MAY have made their system think that’s what is going on. So definitely try and talk to them via LiveChat (it’s always better than an e-mail or even phonecall).

Paul Murphy

Thanks Eric. The puzzling thing is, I cancelled my Prime 2 days beforehand [to give my wallet a breather – I reckoned that if I was prepared to wait a week for it I might not want it so much!]. As for the LiveChat, couldn’t even if I wanted to – literally cannot do anything on Amazon. I’m not too bothered – I have over 10,000 CDs and LPs, and I dread to think how many are sill in their cellophane, so I have no shortage of music to get through, I only put the info up here as a heads-up to others, it is clear from what little research I have done that this is something Amazon are doing a lot at the moment, and I seem to recall that there was something about ebay hav[ing] to report ‘activity indicating a commercial business’ on the Beeb news some while back, so possibly it is due to that. I seem to recall someone saying on here that they had bought [or tried to] some 10 or so copies of Prince ‘Around The World In A Day’ when that came out, so I would imagine that they will be getting a similar problem soon. The trouble is, you don’t know who Amazon are passing all the information to – it seems unlikely that they themselves give a rats about who is buying their items or how many – so I am choosing to walk away. But not from SDE — too good a site.


It is illegal for them to exchange your information without your permission.

Paul Murphy

Not under UK law if they think an activity of a undeclared business nature is occurring [I believe they also have to pass info on if you are selling on Amazon, or ebay, and it hits a certain amount]. This doesn’t apply to me, but Amazon have their own unbroadcast rules – their response email says [in short] they have a series of algorithms that they do not inform you of that flags something up in certain circumstances and that is what generates the account seizure. The idea that much is private in the UK is very Enid Blyton – my wife works for Social Services and they can pass ANYTHING to virtually ANYONE if they so choose. But it’s all good – I’m currently £116 in credit on the week [this is what I would have spent so far if I had been able to] so I figure I’m in the sunshine more than they are, although I am now going to have to pay £3.20 extra for the rather lovely ‘Fox Box’ which is out this week [well worth a mention/review on the site Paul, if only for ‘S-s-single Bed’ and ‘Georgina Bailey’]. But I have been able to pass, amongst others, on the Hello ‘Albums’ box set, even if ‘Tell Him’ was one of the first 45s I ever bought.


Can’t believe Amazon are asking you to send a fax! Send an email to the top man. I very much doubt that Jeff Bezos reads emails sent to this address but you are almost certainly guaranteed a response from a middle manager that will go beyond a generic help desk response. jeff@amazon.com

Le Baron

LP and CD+DVD of Return to Ommadawn both ordered.
Can’t wait! <3


Lots of vinyl LP’s, no deluxe boxes? Weird…

Paul Murphy

Just a heads-up on those snapping up all the bargains Paul keeps us informed of; like most of us I grabbed a great many of last years’ Deal Alerts [and have the aches from non-understanding-wife-dictated nights on the sofa to prove it]. Unfortunately it appears my willingness to give Amazon large amounts of my money has rebounded, I was locked out of my account at the weekend and received the following email [which is genuine – Amazon forums show many other people have also recently received the same crazy message]:

‘We are conducting a review of your Amazon account. We request that you provide the information below in order to help us comply with applicable laws related to commercial transactions. During our review, you will be unable to access your Amazon account. If we do not receive the requested information within 3 days, your account may be closed.


In order to reactivate your Amazon account, please fax us the following information as previously requested:
– Complete residential address
– A copy of an unexpired passport or other government issued identification (for example, driver’s license)
– Proof of address, such as a recent utility bill (if the address on your passport or government issued identification is not current)
– The email address registered to your Amazon Payments account
– Reference ID BLKE_205620451’.

Quite what these ‘laws applicable to commercial transactions’ are I have no idea. I do not sell anything on Amazon, I only buy. Sometimes I buy multiple copies [£2.99 Bowie CDs for friends who do not have Prime, 3 x ‘Blue & Lonesome’ Deluxe for £20 as there was nothing else in the deal to make up the other 2 items], but 90% of what I have purchased – some 212 items last year, of which half were music – was single items, bought only for me [or my babies, they also do great deals on children’s toys]. However, my account is well and truly blocked – including my access to my digital copies of the albums I have bought, which rankles very highly, as it is part of their stipulated contract of sale. Now, as Amazon have not answered my [or anyone else in the forums] query email, I have no idea who they want this information for, and if they think I am going to hand over more information than even my bank want – especially my passport – just to BUY things from them, they are very much mistaken. So, it’s goodnight from me, Amazon, and I pop this info on here as a heads-up to fellow purchase-heavy SDE-ers, lest it become goodnight from any of you also.


What? That sounds like a phishing scam. I would contact amazon directly to verify (not via that email).

Larry Davis

Yeah…forward that email to Amazon…it’s definitely phishing scammers using Amazon to do their dirty work…do NOT submit personal info to anyone…

Michel D.

Looks like spam to me, I would never send this kind of information !



If you’re in the UK, contact your local council trading standards dept asap.


Paul Murphy, where are you (country)? If you are in the UK you won`t get asked for any of that stuff from Amazon, if your credit (card) is good then that`s all Amazon are bothered about. If you are in any country in the EC then it`s a scam and most likely a scam wherever you are. It`s nothing to do with the number of orders, I had 676 with Amazon last year.

Paul Murphy

Nope, honest folks, it’s not a Spam or a phish, it is genuine. What happens is, you go to Amazon one fine day, go to log into your account, and you get a page up with a load of bumpf saying in many words what the subsequent email answer I have copied above reiterates in brief. Literally, you cannot do anything on Amazon, all you can do is copy and paste the email address they supply for further details [which is just that you have 3 days to comply]. One cannot buy anything, one cannot access any Amazon features, and rather annoyingly in my case, cannot even get a return and refund on a rather expensive Doors box set that I bought last week that arrived damaged. I also cannot take advantage of overseas Deal Alerts like I used to, blocked on Amazon worldwide until I give them what they want. A quick Google shows that many, many other Amazon customers are going through the same thing, from what the consensus is, it is what Paul says, they suspect that one is buying with a view to re-selling, although 1] what the heck that has to do with them I cannot imagine – Tesco don’t want my Passport if I want to buy a bunch on baked beans when they are on Special, and 2] I do not sell, I only buy, in 95% of the case, for myself. I DO buy multiple items on occasion, normally when they are under £20, as I have Prime and many of my friends don’t [the recent Bowie £2.99ers for example, great bargain, but not if you have to trawl around for another £17.01 of stuff to get free delivery]. From what I read from others experience, if you have multiple accounts you are also likely to get hit by this. I take on board gratefully all the comments and advice, but I can’t be ars*d to get onto Trading Standards, or anyone, it’s not as if there’s no-one else out there selling what I want musically, if it’s a good deal exclusive to Amazon I’ll get someone to buy it for me. I put nearly five figures into Amazon’s [low-tax-paying] coffers last year, my wife is quite happy if that doesn’t happen this year [excepting all the clothes I bought her, I suspect]. I only put this info up as I know that many SDE’ers also buy multiple items of some of the deals [I suspect it was the SDE fanbase all buying 3 of ‘Lonesome And Blue’ Box Set that put it at No. 1], and might expect to get the same problem soon. A bizarre start to the year to say the least.

Chris Squires

That is one weird story, one that bears all the hallmarks of a con. But, as it seems genuine, I can’t fathom what the heck it has to do with Amazon how many you buy of anything. Now if it was Duct tape and fertilizer I could understand a bit. In fact if it was something for dubious purposes they would probably state they couldn’t give the information up to law enforcement (like Apple)….
I don’t blame you for being pissed off.

Rather like you my wallet could do with the break…. Just bought 8 x McCartney Super Deluxe sets (Missed out “McCartney” – not sure why, but I did) which along with Pure (Vinyl) is making the Missus quite suspicious….

Larry Davis

Call them…and straighten it out…what they do not want is bad customer feedback or a bad reputation…there must be an explanation and clarification needed…


That has all the hallmarks of a phishing scam.
Did you verify the message headers? compare this one versus a shipping or order Email.
Can you access your Amazon account? If so, it proves it’s a phishing scam.

paul kelly

also out this week is jermaine stewart reissue of say it again 2cds original album plus other singles edits my favourites are the extended versions of say it again,get lucky and don,t talk dirty to me and a lot more


Why no mention of this here? It’s one of my favorite artists and preordered the CD right after reading your post. Thanks a lot!

Larry Davis

I wonder if deluxe reissues are forthcoming of Jermaine’s 1st 2 albums?? Odd to start or only do the 3rd…


Might jump in for the Eurythmics cheers


Yes I’m also relieved. I can’t repeat the expense of 2016 this year-oh alright then.


I tried to spread my 2016 spending over two years – the flaw with this is that 1) It eats into the funds for 2017 and 2) it doesn’t fool the wife – who wouldn’t even let me have £100.00 credit because I got the Pink Floyd box for £136.00.


Wow, nothing of interest there. My wallet thanks you.


Ditto. Vinyl re-releases are so yawnsome…