Out This Week / on 26 February 2016

David Bowie / Bowie at the Beeb (4LP box)

The David Bowie 2CD set, originally issued in 2000, makes it on to vinyl for the first time. This is a 4LP box with a lift-off lid and features two tracks not on the CD version. Read more

Picture: Michael Jackson / Off The Wall / CD+Blu-ray reissue

Michael Jackson / Off The Wall (CD+Blu-ray)

Michael Jackson‘s 1979 is reissued with a new Spike Lee documentary on Blu-ray or DVD. Full SDE review of this coming later in the week. Read more

Phil Collins / More ‘Take a Look at Me Now’ reissues

Phil Collins promptly follow-ups Face Value and Both Sides. This time around its two-CD sets of Hello, I Must Be Going and Dance Into LightRead more

David Bowie / Hunky Dory

David Bowie / Vinyl reissues

The six David Bowie studio albums included in the Five Years box set are now available separately on vinyl. This includes newly remastered versions of Hunky Dory and The Man Who Sold The WorldRead more

Red Hot Chilli Peppers / Greatest Hits Grey Marbled Vinyl 2LP

Red Hot Chili Peppers / Greatest Hits on grey marbled vinyl

The 2003 Red Hot Chili Peppers hits collection is issued on the US pressed on two grey marbled vinyl records. Read more

Various Artists / George Fest (CD+Blu-ray)

A wide range of artists including Brian Wilson, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Norah Jones and Brandon Flowers, performed at the Fonda Theatre in LA back in 2014 for this live tribute to George Harrison. The CD+Blu-ray is excellent value in the UKRead more

Tony Banks / Deluxe Reissues (CD+DVD)

CD+DVD reissues of Genesis founder Tony Banks‘ 1979 album A Curious Feeling and The Fugitive from 1983. The DVDs feature 5.1 surround sound remixes. Read more

Todd Rundgren / The Complete Bearsville Albums Collection (box set)

Sizeable 13-disc box set collecting Todd Rundgren‘s albums on the Bearsville label.


Ken Boothe / Everything I Own: Lloyd Charmers Sessions

Two-CD collection that gathers up Ken Boothe‘s early ’70s work with producer Lloyd Charmers, including (of course) UK number one hit Everything I OwnRead more


Jethro Tull / Living in the Past (2LP vinyl)

The October 1972 US version of the Jethro Tull compilation is reissued on double 180g vinyl with gatefold sleeve and 20-page booklet.

UB40 / Present Arms 3CD deluxe reissue

UB40 / Present Arms deluxe edition

UB40‘s second album was originally touted for release in November 2014. Sixteen months later, only a fool would promise that this will be out on Friday, but that’s supposed to be what is happening. The 2CD set will include Present Arms in Dub and BBC Radio 1 Sessions/In Concert.


Morrissey / Bona Drag (2LP vinyl reissue)

Parlophone are putting out a vinyl reissue of Morrissey‘s 1990 compilation. This features the (improved) cover and revised track listing from the 2010 anniversary reissue and is spread across two 180g records.

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Copy bought via amazon marketplace for a not unreasonable sum, great to finally cross it off my wants list where it had taken up what felt like permament residence.

Paul E.

From UB40’s site (a.k.a. “the horse’s mouth”) on 2-27-16: “Due to unforeseen circumstances, we regret to inform you all that the Present Arms & Labour of Love re-issues will not be coming out on March 2nd. Owing to issues out of our control the releases have been put on hold. We’ll update you with more info as soon as possible, if you have already pre-ordered the albums, please speak to the relevant retailer customer services who will be able to advise you.”

I personally believe both sets have already been pressed. Not from just the press photos but because these have been circulating in lossy MP3 “quality” since 2015. Come on UB40 let us take the tangible product off your hands!


Amazon state :

Temporarily out of stock.
Order now and we’ll deliver when available. We’ll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information

but marketplace sellers have it fro £25 and up. Odd


Had to laugh cheapcdsdvds have it for sale priced at £75.11. Kinda contridicts their name don’t you think.


Amazon saying Temporarily out of stock surprise surprise. Somebody is selling it in the marketplace and saying it’s in stock if that’s to be believed.


Sounds like somebody has took the huff with these UB40 reissues and put a block on them being released. Same thing happened with Simple Minds about 10 years ago with that Platinum Collection where the band refused permission for it to be released.

Rob Wilcock

Thanks Neil, gutted mate…

Rob Wilcock

Amazon Germany have10 copies of the deluxe version of UB40’s Present Arms in stock. Looks like this may be on sake tomorrow then…


This won’t be on sale tomorrow and as for Amazon Germany asking £30 they can shove it. There is not even a release date on that page apart from 2016.


Believe it or not, the reissue of Labour of Love was pressed. I am guessing band politics held it back. There are copies out there for sale.

Andrew Mogford

Chilli set just arrived. Wonderful looking vinyl. Really nice. And a good gatefold sleeve (I love me a good gatefold). No time to play it yet but will give it a spin later……


Thought as much!!!


How sure are we that Present Arms is coming out???? After all this time I’m not sure I believe it will be on my doormat when I get home from Malta……………


hi paul is the tull reissue the original hardbook cover . ?


thanks paul . nice one.


I have searched everywhere for that Present Arms deluxe edition and Amazon are the only ones saying it will be released on the 26th. Unless they have an exclusive deal with Amazon to only sell it through their website there is no way that this is going to be released on Friday and the price is a joke as well typical Amazon.


Any news on UB40’s Labour of Love which is also long overdue? Great that Present Arms is coming out finally. Looking forward to it.


Paul – According to Amazon, the 26th also sees the release of “Back in Anger”, a live recording from David Bowie’s Outside tour, where his set overlapped with that of the support band, Nine Inch Nails. It’s not strictly an SDE, but do you have any thoughts – worthy item or shameless cash grab (or both)?


Yeah its a bootleg that ‘Back In Anger’ that you can probably obtain for free at some station. It’s an excellent show from a superior source if you’re a fan of the industrial Dame


A small error on the title of this topic: I guess all those releases are due on February, 26th 2016 and not for 2015.

Simon Taylor

A decent week for releases. I wasn’t aware the UB40 reissue was finally being released, i’ll be up for that and potentially the Tull vinyl depending on price. But no mention of the new Anthrax album? For All Kings. Its out this Friday and has been getting rave reviews everywhere. I’ve ordered the double blue vinyl. I’ve heard some of the tracks and it sounds great.


Looking forward to the Phil Collins on Friday as I am enjoying Face Value and Both Sides far more than I expected.


I genuinely like the way that the Ken Boothe cover design looks like a “Music For Pleasure” album from the 1970s.


After waiting God knows how long for the UB40, it’s going (likely?) to arrive the day after I go on holiday!!!!

Andrew Mogford

The release I’m looking forward to this week is the Red Hot Chille Peppers vinyl release you gave us a heads up about a few months ago Paul. That should be good!

Andrew Mogford

That was my subtle way of reminding you :D

Is it US only? Because I’ve ordered from Amazon UK. Assume that would be the same version?

Here’s the link – I can’t add your affiliate


Andy P

Amazon listing the UB40 as 3xCD.

Jon 77

Hi Paul,

The Read More link under Bowie at the Beeb takes you to the detail for the studio album releases.

Keep up the excellent work!

Rob Wilcock

Really looking forward to the UB40 release, better late than never…