Out This Week / on 4 Nov 2016

Crowded House / Woodface 2CD deluxe edition

Crowded House / Deluxe Editions (2CD sets)

All of Crowded House‘s albums are reissued as two-CD deluxe editions with enhanced packaging. Read more

Queen  / On Air

An archival release that brings together six Queen radio sessions recorded for the BBC between February 1973 and October 1977s. Available on 2CD, 6CD, or 3LP.  Read more

Stevie Nicks / Bella Donna 2CD deluxe edition

Stevie Nicks /Bella Donna and The Wild Heart reissues

Multi-disc deluxe editions of Stevie Nicks‘ first two solo albums. These feature unreleased tracks, alternate mixes, demos and live material. Read more

Pink Floyd / The Dark Side Of The Moon (vinyl)

The vinyl reissue of Pink Floyd‘s classic 1973 album comes with original inserts and a new poster. Read more

Hipsway / 2CD deluxe edition

Hipsway deluxe edition

Scottish band Hipsway‘s 1986 debut is reissue with a bonus disc full of remixes (including two versions of The Honeythief) and B-sides. This album was produced by Paul Staveley O’Duffy and Gary Langan. Read more

Black Grape / It's Great When You're Straight... Yeah / deluxe edition

Black Grape / It’s Great When You’re Straight, Yeah (deluxe)

This three-disc deluxe edition of Black Grape‘s 1995 debut includes remixes, live performances and a DVD of all the videos. Read more

Super Furry Animals / Fuzzy Logic deluxe and new 2CD Best Of

Super Furry Animals‘ 1996 debut gets a double-disc deluxe (and vinyl) reissue and ZOOM! The Best Of Super Furry Animals contains a mix of singles, album tracks, band favourites, B-sides and more. Read more

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein / Stranger Things Vol 2

Even I have lost track of all the various vinyl ‘exclusives’ but at the end of this week you can pick up the CD edition of volume two of Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein’s brilliant synth-heavy soundtrack to Netflix’s 1980s-set TV series Stranger Things. Quite a good price in the UK.

The Divine Miss M / 2CD deluxe edition

Bette Midler / The Divine Miss M (vinyl LP)

The remastered vinyl version of Bette Midler‘s debut album is released this week. It has a wallet-friendly price tag. Read more

Bon Jovi / This House Is Not For Sale (new album)

Thirteenth studio album to be released by Bon Jovi and their first without Richie Sambora. This is also available as part of the ‘The Albums’ 24LP vinyl box.

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Apologies if I’ve missed an explanation on another post, but have you any idea why the Crowded House 2CDs have been delayed a week and now to be released on 11th Nov?
Manufacturing issues? Or is it just that 11th Nov is a quiet day for releases!!


Save a couple of quid, too!


Absolutely gutted just got an email from Amazon stating HIPSWAY “Hipsway (Deluxe Version)” Estimated arrival date: Unknown. Considering it was supposed to be released today and they have left it till today to let people know is terrible customer service.


Should’ve done as I did in my earlier post. Posted yesterday, arrived today. Sorry for gloating! ;)


Just did that cancelled Amazon order stuff them.


Re: “Sophisticated Boom Box” disc replacement (it’s not mentioned in this post, but other thread now closed), will you be posting the Edsel contact details when confirmed, or should I be trying to get in touch with them now?


Thanks, Paul.


I ordered the 2 Stevies through JB Hi-Fi (in Australia) – they’re now giving November 11 as the release date.


Has it been confirmed for certain that there will be no remastering involved for the main albums on those Crowded House reissues ?

Pete {in Australia}

Hi All, Thanks to Kauwgompie for the alert about the special Target {US} edition. Yes there are three extra tracks, from the deluxe US edition, but just looking on local websites here, and the deluxe version we are supposed to be getting in Australia, has 17 tracks, so we only miss out on the 18th track =”Touch of Grey”.

Pete {in Australia}

Hi All, Picked up the Bon Jovi CD today, and yeap, has 17 tracks. states deluxe edition {bonus 5 tracks}. :)

Andrew Mogford

anyone know anything about the deluxe queen issue? Amazon saying not in stock and they don’t know if it will be again. I did have this with the Pure McCartney deluxe and they still got it to me so hoping this is just a glitch…….


@Andrew, I asked this myself on the Queen On Air post, but I guess nobody knows what’s happened. I had it ready to pre-order as a gift for someone, but it just has “unavailable” next to it now.

Andrew Mogford

@eric – hopefully it’s just something that happens when they are not sure if they are able to fulfil any new orders (i.e. – if stock will be limited or not). As I said – it happened to my Pure McCartney deluxe set and it still turned up.

I hope it isn’t a permanent error – I lost my job a few weeks ago, and have a six month old daughter so I had to sell stuff to buy this – as a Queen fan for 30 years i couldn’t miss out. Will be gutted if I miss out again due to Amazon incompetence!


Occasionally this kind of weirdness has happened when they’re in dispute with a supplier too. Not sure it’ll be the case this time, but it has happened before where they’ve briefly stopped selling blu-rays from a particular distributor or albums from a particular label.

Andrew Mogford

Well, I’m not getting Queen : On Air from Amazon. Not even “dispatching soon” yet. And I ordered on day that it was announced. Have cancelled, but Amazon have refused saying it is “too late”. Will make the one hour round trip to pick the box set and vinyl up from HMV in the morning.

Amazon are evil. Hate them with a passion!


I ordered the Hipsway one direct from Cherry Red because of Amazon’s mickey taking price.


This House Is Not For Sale from Bon Jovi is also available as a special edition through Target, a USA retailer, with 3 bonus track on top of the Deluxe Edition tracks. So 18 tracks in total. Here is the link:


For Bon Jovi :
The target is the same as Japan Edition or the Gemran Media Markt One…


That’s the house from The Outer Limits isn’t it?