Peter Gabriel / Back to Front 2014 Winter Tour deluxe road case


Peter Gabriel is hitting the road again this winter for further European Back to Front dates and each show will be recorded live off the soundboard, and mixed by Peter’s Front of House engineer for more Encore Series releases.

All 18 shows will be available to purchase separately as two-CD sets or for the real die-hard enthusiast you can purchase all the shows as one of two collector’s sets.

collectorsThe Collector’s Edition Box Set contains all the shows (36 CDs!) along with exclusive photos and a mini tour book, contained in a Collector’s Box. The discs are professionally mastered and manufactured (not CD-Rs) are packaged in cardboard mini (LP-style) gatefold sleeves.

If you really want to go the whole hog, then there is a Deluxe Road Case version of the same set (pictured above) which is hand-numbered and limited to just 100 sets. You can pick your  number (from what’s available) at the point of ordering which is a nice touch.

Also worth pointing out is that you get a free 24 bit/96khz high-resolution digital download of the show with every purchase.

All the Winter Tour 2014 items are exclusive to PeterGabriel.com and are available to pre-order now from Peter Gabriel’s webstore, except the Deluxe Road Case where pre-orders launch on Friday 31 October at 3pm GMT.

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Mic Smith

Hi Justin. I fully respect those views and love the fact that you bought Melt as a nine year old. I know where you are coming from with the promise of new material. In his past Gabriel has often promised new material within a certain time frame only to leave us fans waiting and waiting – but on the latest occasion to be fair to him he hasn’t said anything quite so bold – he’s just given a rough idea of the style he’s pursuing. I guess we’ll have to see where this leads to. But at 64 years old Gabriel can’t keep provaracating particularly if he wants to tour the next album which I assume he does. My guess is we’ll see a new album in 2016.

Johnny Feathers

I certainly understand the frustration with PG’s rate of output these days, but I guess when there’s only been ONE actual honest-to-god “new” PG album released in the past 20 years, I’ve long since stopped pining for new music from him. I’ll be thrilled whenever something new is out, but I guess despite my own bafflement why anyone would want this, I can’t really see it as gouging fans. It’s there for the folks that want it, and doesn’t include anything “new” as a way to get folks to buy an expensive set they otherwise wouldn’t. Folks that want just a single show can do that, too–or get the rather excellent Back to Front Blu-Ray/CD set, which I just enjoyed again this weekend.

Mic Smith

I do understand the criticisms from the last couple of posts but Gabriel is not your typical rock star, content to just sit around and recycle his past and count the money as it comes trickling in. Comparisons with Phil Collins are way off beam too.
Since the release of So Gabriel has sunk much of his money into his various ventures – Real World, WOMAD, Witness, The Elders as well as becoming a father to two boys and all that that brings. He may not have had the most prolific of careers but for lack of quantity substitute great quality and artistic integrity. To me those are worth more than any number of albums just thrown out into the market that he could have made.
The Real World business (for that’s what it is) requires a lot of time and energy to spend keeping it going and supporting the staff that at some point built up to 70 or so. This is why comparisons with most contemporaries fall down.
He is currently working on new music and is said to be taking that music into a more up tempo happier sounding area. I believe he called it ‘dancey’ in a very recent article.
So have a bit more patience and respect the fact that its his prerogative to spend his days as he sees fit. He owes his fans nothing – for he has given those that really appreciate the man and who he is more than enough great music over the 45 years he has been a professional. I’m going to stick around for that new music no matter how long it takes. I have been with him now for 40 years and it would somewhat churlish to start putting the guy down now, having kept my attention through the peaks and troughs of a special career for all that time.


Mic, I agree with you that he owes us nothing, yet my gripe is that the focus seems to have shifted from discovery to recovery. The talk of new material has continued since the possibility of a companion album to ‘Up’ was discussed over 10 years ago. I guess when I read about new material being released now, I don’t really believe it. That’s sad to me as a longtime fan and I believe I’ve possessed a lots of patience since I bought ‘Melt’ in 1980 with my pocket money as a 9 year old. I accept that PG can do what he likes, and that’s fine….but I for one will not have my expectations manipulated by yet another interview regarding the imminent possibility of a new release. Heard it all before. My guess is that we’ll still be having this conversation in 3 years time.


Totally agree, but the above box set is what we in television call “jumping the shark” [actullay sounds like a god title for a PG song :-) ].


I am with you, Justin. Only that I don’t think Gabriel needs to come up with some truly new work since he has done enough over the past decades. It is the long-lasting rehashing of the past that pi**** me off.

Phil Collins started drinking too much when he said he would retire. Sometimes I feel, Gabriel is afraid of falling into the same trap. He can’t really stop and at the same time can’t go on as he did before.

As for the box: One could certainly argue that Gabriel is merely giving (some) fans what they want. But I do find it cynical, particularly because his set-lists normally don’t change much – if at all. And demanding 400+ Euros: That strikes me as pretty self-confident, really.


For an artist who was considered as forward-thinking and reactionary, PG seems to have settled into mediocre semi-retirement quite well. We’ve been promised new music for a decade, and to no avail. If you labelled any releases in the last 5 years as cynical, unfortunately I’d think you’re right… and yes that does include the ‘New Blood’ works.

I’m sorry Pete, but this fan of 30 plus years is tired of the recycling, and your bank account will get no further contribution from me.

Herr Angela Merkel

Good old Pete, tarting up his glorious past over and over again. The only response to that nonesense should be as apllies to every other bit of junk; buy, buy, buy!

Tom from FIN

But as we know, Peter Gabriel is a postmodern artist who is able to play with us as audience and consumers. Hopefully the new studio material is in the pipeline at last!

Tom from FIN

Yes, this ripping off set is ab madness in every respect, especially as mentioned by others already that the setlist was on this tour practically the same show after show. Only positive aspect about this ridiculous offering for the die hard fans is that the packaging is ab fab fantastic.


“Collectors Box” is a bit of a joke – even for the most hardened of fans!

Mic Smith

The set list remains pretty static to be honest so anyone looking for Springsteen style variance look elsewhere.
I have all of the PG encore collectors’ edition boxes (the cardboard box editions, not the Road Case ones). To be honest there are too many Back to Front sets as this tour has been staged in four parts since 2012 including three European legs (when the Winter tour is complete). I would rather he be holed up at Real World doing new material for a full length album but I am also grateful that he is still out there doing something. To anyone who hasn’t seen this show its is pretty special with the emphasis on the music (he’s in great voice too) and not so much ‘performance’ as there was on the Growing Up tour. His band are shit hot too.


Is he like Tori Amos who changes setlist from show to show? I wish she had done a set like this instead of that series of live bootlets that are digital only, and not so cheap either. I would buy this Ltd box if I were a fan.


Let’s face it, with a Limited Edition of 100 copies, there will be people who will buy it as an “investment” rather then because they intend to play the discs (I confess, this is a pet hate of mine, music belongs with people who love the music, and music not heard has no value), but while this is something of a moral problem for me, I understand why people do it (sadly).

As to the number of discs….. I also understand the comments from people saying, essentially, one good show would be good enough. At the same time, there’s something compelling about sets like this. I’m really pleased that the music industry has moved in this direction. We’re getting some awesome releases for fans who have a compulsion to own as much as possible of an artist they love. It’s easy for those who don’t like it to avoid.

I don’t have the money for either of these sets, sadly. But for those that do it’s a real treasure trove. I applaud the artist for going through with it.

CJ Feeney

There will always be a dealer for every junkies compulsion!

I love live albums but PG does tend to re-record a lot of overdubs. These disc should hopefully be free of them. Personally I can’t see myself buying them as I think his music quality has nose dived in the last ten years.

alan hansen

this set just strikes me as whorish.


I must admit I struggle to appreciate why people want a box of 18 live recordings that are more-or-less the same! But then again I’m sure others would question my spending £100 or more on a bit of second hand vinyl every now & then!

Each to our own I suppose!

Johnny Feathers

I’m with you. Although I have purchased single show recordings from something I attended (including his Back To Front and Still Growing Up shows), in most cases I’d rather have a well-produced, commercially-released single live album. I just can’t imagine wanting to hear an entire box of shows like this.

Ken Murphy

Even the Irish show (that I’m incredibly looking forward to) is available. Irish shows never seem to be available whenever other acts have done these types of recordings.

Liam Bastick

Wow – no VAT and free shipping to Australia (Pop Market are you listening!?). For PG fans, it might be worth emigrating…


I’m glad these are available (I’ve bought several dating back to the Growing Up tours), but as a fan who’s tired of waiting, I won’t be buying more of these live shows until there’s a proper new album.


“Order before 20:00(GMT) on November 12th and receive a FREE Encore Series 2-CD from a previous Back To Front tour!”