PopMarket deals for Black Friday


PopMarket, the self-styled ‘shopping club’ for music fans, regularly offers time sensitive deals on some of the best music box sets around. Most of the time these deals run for 24 hours, but for one day only – tomorrow, Black Friday – they’ll have a new deal every hour.

The list below tells you when the deal is available. All times are in EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) so if you’re in the UK add five hours to get GMT/UTC. For other countries, adjust accordingly. PopMarket quite often offers free shipping, but you need be aware of, and factor in, possible import duties since all items are shipped from the US.

We should point out that do have to sign up and become a member of the site before you can see the discount being offered. However the price reductions are normally pretty substantial.

The PopMarket homepage will be updated automatically each time a new deal comes online. Click here to visit PopMarket and check out the latest deal.

Popmarket hourly deals for Black Friday (all times EDT. Add 5 hours for GMT/UTC)

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From my experience, it’s the delcared value of the items ordered which decides if there will be an import duty or not.
I had to pay it for The Clash’s Sound System and The Manic Street Preachers’ Generation Terrorist box sets, both of which came from the UK (I’m in Canada) and the both had the real value declared (not alway the case with some online merchants)…but it was still the cheapest way to go!


Some US packages get through good old PO unscathed, most do not -really is ‘caveat emptor’ time.
Not always free shipping either -Johnny Cash at San Quentin super deluxe £16.99 + £9.99 shipping + probable duties =nothing like as good a deal!


Make that EDT plus *FIVE* hours.


The bob Dylan set is about £173! More than amazon…


Import duties are hit and miss. I regularly order from the US (live in the Netherlands) and hardly get any import duties. It’s down to luck I guess. But next to the import duties, I think the deals on Popmarket are overpriced. In 8 out of the 10 deals you can get better deals online by simply investing a few minutes of searching (and yes, I do compare including shipping). Since they have a daily deal business model, I would at least suspect that on that day they would genuinely offer the best deal.


I recently bought a box set from the U.S. It was impounded at customs and finally released to a Parcelforce depot. I had to drive a 90 minute round trip to get it and naturally had to pay up £40 in import duties. All told, it was a loss making exercise. My advice is – don’t buy a box set from the U.S. If you live in the U.K.!

Alan Fenwick


I’ve had mixed results with ordering from Popmarket. I’ve found if you order really heavy box sets or multiple vinyl deals etc. They send them with the tax pre-paid on them and you get them in about 3 days, that’s the good side to them.

On the other hand i’ve had 1 or 2 medium sized purchases which have come without the tax pre-paid and like yourself had to pay customs fees, you just have to be careful what you order, and weigh up the price as a worse case scenario with all your fees calculated into your overall price.