Rolling Stone in Germany offer free Phil Collins seven-inch single

Rolling Stone magazine in Germany will offer a free Phil Collins seven-inch single with their July issue.

The vinyl single will be cover-mounted and will feature the 2016 remaster of ‘In The Air Tonight’ backed with the demo version of ‘The Roof Is Leaking’ (featuring Eric Clapton on guitar), which was included on the second disc of the deluxe reissue of Face Value.

If you’re a Phil Collins fan, then the good news is that you can order this online and they start shipping from today. SDE will be giving away a few copies soon, as well. Bear in mind, the magazine itself is in German (obviously).

A Side : In The Air Tonight (Remaster Version)
B Side : The Roof Is Leaking feat. Eric Clapton (guitar) (Demo Version)

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Florentino Stabile

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the heads up. I will definitely will get this as I am a huge Collins and Genesis fan. It will be a collector’s item and of more value in the future. It is novelty item but still nice to have. I don’t speak German will at least look at the pictures. I have spent more on magazines I purchased in my own country and this will be including shipping.
Again thank you Paul for appeasing the aficionado and collector in all of us.
God bless


One for me and one for that Oasis geezer… *-)

elliott buckingham

it would be more collectable if they included the 7″ mix that has yet to appear on any of these reissues.


I have had a subscription of this magazine for the last few years. Every time they include a vinyl single it is not included for subscribers and you have to order it separately. I consider it baffling that permanent readers do not get these singles and you have to pay extra money for it.If anyone is interested you can order the single on the German RS website for a few Euros. I will cancel my subscription and buy the magazine on and off if they have good stories. Dont bother with the magazine, though.
Mojo and Uncut are far superior in content. All the interesting stories are translations of the US edition, anyway.


The magazine is 2 € cheaper (each) when you have a subscription. You can email from at least 4 weeks before if you are interested in the single and you’ll get the Magazine with the single. If not, so you don’t have to pay more. and they also have many stories from german -speaking countries about bands and politics. I bought an american Rolling Stone when I was in New York three years ago and was absolutely disappointed.


……..any chance of Remixed Sides on cd???
Japan – come on……

Tim Joseph

Just as long as they change that ugly revolting sleeve first!!


That is very cool, and I read German.


Phil Collins had been living in Switzerlsnd for eons and they dont have their own Rolling Stone mag so by proxy it’s the German one. That would provide some “words” to Cosmo.

Cosmo Castanza

The only music magazines I buy are those with a front cover cd.
There have been some superb ones over the years.

An english artist putting a record on a foreign version of a magazine only ………words fail me.

“An english artist putting a record on a foreign version of a magazine only ………words fail me.”

This issue of Rolling Stone has a cover feature on Phil Collins, with a big interview and several additional articles on his career and his music. With Germany being one of the biggest markets for music (surely much bigger than the UK) it also makes sense from a sales point of view.
And those RS vinyl singles are not meant as “essential” releases – like most Record Store Day issues they’re nice physical objects – they’re pressed on heavy vinyl, with a sturdy cardboard picture sleeve. And Mr. Collins obviously cared about the quality – he rejected the first test pressing.


It is not an exclusive interview. They wrote something like a wikipedia page on Collins` career and took some quptes off his autobiography. Lazy journalism and not worth reading for anyone slightly familiar with his music and life.


German music magazines have great extras from time to time, RS had the Bowie and Prince singles and Musik Express included an exclusive Depeche Mode single a couple of years ago. Well worth getting if visiting Germany, should be available at most Relay etc. kiosks.


This would of been logical to throw the disc a couple of years ago as the debut album was released instead of now.
Unless he decided to go on tour again [with his body’s shape?] unsure what advantages is it for him.
For RS [and just Germany], I don’t think it will do anything except maybe sell a few extra copies because the collectors are buying it for the disc [and maybe chucking the magazine!].


He’s been doing a tour on and off for the past year and a half


If someone could explain to me why this is happening (besides an attempt to boost sales of Rolling Stone), I’d appreciate it. It doesn’t seem these two tracks are particularly rare. Maybe there’s something about these songs that appeals to the German market? I’m in America, so I could be missing something.


Phil was massive in Germany back in the 80s and early 90s. The German RS regularly has a cover mount CD. I have a Light in the Attic CD from about 6-7 years ago.


He’s touring there I think.


Thought Phil wasn’t doing physical releases any more!!

Make yer mind up Phil.

Gary Thompson

Going by the last few times I had the misfortune to read RS, they would do better to give copies of the mag away with the single.

Ben Williams

I was lucky enough to get the Bowie single Rolling Stone gave away a couple of years ago. Wish we had a British Rolling Stone mag!

Steven Roberts

SDE will be **giving away** copies, Paul?

I’ll have two, please :D