Saint Etienne’s ‘Foxbase Alpha’ box set also available as a signed edition

As some of you will be aware, Saint Etienne are reissuing their 1994 album Tiger Bay and the SDE shop has been lucky enough to be able to offer fans signed copies. In total, there will only be just over a couple of hundred signed copies available and they’re almost sold out.

However, I feel duty bound to let you know that the band are also going to sign some copies of the 25th anniversary box set of their first album Foxbase Alpha at the same time they do Tiger Bay. This will be happening next week, so you have today and the weekend to get an order in for a SIGNED copy of this Foxbase Alpha box set because no new orders will be taken once we get to Monday 6 May.

In recognition of the fact that some of you have already pre-ordered Tiger Bay, we are offering a postage discount to all territories for this specific product (use the code FOXFREE) at the SDE shop checkout. This effectively gives you free (2nd class) UK shipping, for example.

Signed editions of both products are exclusive to SDE and you can order them by heading over the the shop or by using the buttons below. Use this link to take you to the product page and automatically get the postage discount applied when you check out. Full content details on the Foxbase Alpha box set are listed below. These will ship no later than 17 May 2019.

3LP +7″ large format box, exclusively signed by the band

The super deluxe 25th anniversary edition of Saint Etienne‘s 1991 debut contains:

  • The original album remastered and cut onto two twelve inch 45rpm discs for higher fidelity, housed in an exclusive gatefold version of the original sleeve.
  • ‘Foxbase Alpha – Remains Of The Day’, an exclusive album that gathers together ten rare ‘Foxbase Alpha’-era recordings most of which are appearing on vinyl for the first time.
  • An exclusive one-sided seven-inch featuring the original, previously unreleased version of ‘Kiss and Make Up’, featuring ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart singer Moira Lambert.
  • A perfect bound, 12″ square, 28-page book featuring many unseen photographs and artefacts from the era, plus a new interview with Bob Stanley by the Guardian’s Michael Hann.
  • Three 10″ x 8″ black and white portraits of the group
  • A perforated sheet of Foxbase Alpha trading cards
  • Exact reproductions of the original album press release and biography.
  • A digital download code for all of the music.

This box is exclusively SIGNED by Sarah Cracknell, Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs.

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Peter Muscutt

Also, does anyone else find Sarah Cracknells voice as gorgeous as Sarah Nixey (from Black Box Recorder)? Purr!!!!


I got the FBA box set from the St Etienne website when it first released.
I’m also getting Tiger Bay from their website.
These boxes are limited to 1500 copies so ordered from them to make sure I got one.

It’s a pity they couldn’t sign some copies of FBA when first released.
Or the soon to be released Tiger Bay, for the fans that supported their website.

I got the vinyl box set from A Certain Ratio last week. All 1000 are signed by the band.
Perhaps St Etienne could have signed all of their box sets?


the band did give away copies of the rare Surrey North EP for initial pre-orders (in two installments after the first batch went quicker than expected). hard to fault them for not including extras… it’s a rather nice plus for Paul’s store though! that’s the nature of music retail – can’t have all the exclusives in one place or there’d be less incentive to support others.

andrew R

She is the Fox in base alpha : )

Peter Muscutt

I’d love a deluxe option like this for the Tales of Turnpike House album. That got me into Saint Etienne, and I bought the cd on the strength of the cover alone! (Thankfully the music was excellent).


Thanks Paul – this is really cool, these are really special. Really limited with no chance of the reissue when they sell out. Its great being able to buy these specials from SDE to give something back to the site !


Cheers to you Paul for giving Saint Etienne some love at the SDE store. As a fan myself, I think they have greatly undersold themselves via little or no promotion and likewise over limiting their vinyl reissues and limited run ep’s, as I am not following their every move on social media there are many releases that have come and gone so quickly, I was not able to even reach for my wallet before they were gone. That is a great move for cult status, but not so good if you want to sell something to more than a 1000 people. Perhaps you should partner with them in the future as your readership definitely makes a much bigger splash.

Phil G

Cheers Paul – both sets purchased!

Please don’t tell the wife…

andrew R

Brilliant value ordered .Thank the boys for the wonderfull
compilations they have been involved with . Thank Sarah
for…… being dreamy!

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star

The FBA unsigned Box is £80 on amazon.co.uk


As much as I’d like these, 53UK pounds (after your discount) for delivery to Canada is just not fiscally prudent, though I do appreciate your offering these types of products. Keep up the great work on my every day go to site.


Hi Paul,

Music lovers unite! Your site is one of the greatest online destinations! Thank you for all and everything you do. I just picked up the Saint Etienne double header. Thank you for offering such special items. Shipping came to be 53 pounds to Canada – I saw you mention that it should be 23 pounds. How can this be corrected? Many thanks again!


Gotcha- thank you, Paul.

Chris Squires

Looking forward to Finally having Fake 88 on vinyl. I had it as part of a CD compilation called “Volume 6” but seeing as it was 26 years ago I can’t remember what it was Volume 6 of!
Either way it is a cracking track and I look forward to playing it loud as I relive the joy that were “Leg warmers”

Ordered with Joy.


Volume 6 was part of the ‘Volume’ series of CDs (with the thick booklet) – wonderful series, but impossible to keep in mint, or even half-decent, condition.

Chris Squires

Thanks James, it was quite good as I recall, but as I had it at the time I separated from a long term relationship and several house moves it got lost in the mists of time as a lot of once cherished items do.

It’s amusing to recall that the CD “Volume 6” was part of a series just called “Volume” with no other name. And the flimsy but thick book that the CD was held in reminded me of one of those flip picture books that were always destined to be dog-eared. For some reason I think it had a bloody-great fish on the front of it. I’m sure Discogs will shed some light.


Are you in the right place? That’s an Alexander O’Neal track, isn’t it?


Paul, the FBA box is the same that was issued a while ago or a new version? I literally lost track now.