SDE announces new ‘Release Calendar’

New functionality on SDE offers ‘calendar view’ of releases

It is eight years to the day that I started the SuperDeluxeEdition.com website and so it seems like a good time to announce some new functionality! We have developed a bespoke ‘release calendar‘ which will allow you to view all future releases in a calendar format.

Accessed via the top level navigation, the release calendar offers a fresh way into SDE news stories about forthcoming physical music releases. Products presented in ‘grid’ fashion with three key pieces of information: a thumbnail image, the artist and the title. When you hover over the thumbnail image, you’ll be invited to ‘read more’ and one click takes you to the original SDE post with all the information, track listing, pre-order links etc.

Everything is ordered by release date and you can click through future weeks and months and get a fantastic overview of what is coming up. You can filter the calendar to show/ignore vinyl, CDs blu-ray etc. and there is also a search functionality.

I have made a video (below) which walks you through the new release calendar, so do take the time to have a look and this will help you to get the most out of it. The calendar will work on both desktop and mobile environments but I recommend you run an up-to-date browser to get the best experience.

Note that the release calendar only shows news stories about products that are due for release, other content such as SDEtv unboxing videos, deal alerts, reviews and competitions will not appear in the release calendar (because they aren’t ‘releases’!).

I really hope you enjoy this new way of looking at SDE content and look forward to your feedback, which I’d encourage you to leave on this post via the comments section. But please do take the time to view the video which will hopefully make things nice and clear and answer most of your questions.

Update: If you aren’t ‘seeing’ this calendar properly for any reason (i.e. the layout looks weird or ‘wrong’… please clear the cache on your browser).

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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The Release Calendar is a great addition to the site!

However, is it normal it only shows results for the present month?
As a test I’ve been looking for Yazoo releases because the vinyl box / CD box and separate vinyl albums have different release dates.
Going to Release Calendar – “Search for release” box
Typed in Yazoo and pressed enter
It only showed the 29th March results for the separate albums releases and not the earlier “F0ur Pieces” sets.

Did a “clear search”

Typed in Howard Jones in Search for release box and pressed enter
nothing happens
Had to press enter/search again before it would say: No releases found
It looks like “clear search” does something which makes it necessary to press “enter/search” twice before getting a result?

Howard’s May release isn’t mentioned nor his April Now That’s What I Call Music entry. His April mention only shows up when selecting April in the Release Calendar and his May release only shows up when selecting May in the Calendar.

I’d thought (expected maybe?) that when entering “Search for a release” one would get all the releases in the Calendar Database for that artist, both future ones as well as those in the past.

Tested using Windows 10 / latest Edge browser

Giles Roditi


Something has gone wrong – in Safari on Mac OSX 10.14.3 instead of a grid of thumbnails there is now just a single long column, worked OK when you first launched it but not now

Jim Cortez

Excellent I love it. Did notice that for example the Keith Richards TALK IS CHEAP is not under Box sets as well for March. When I check ”box sets” I only get one for March. Perhaps it’s considered a ”super deluxe” and not a ”box set?” Regardless I love the feature and will use it frequently. Cheers


I love this feature – especially like unchecking vinyl in the filters (ha ha). Agree with others suggestions around SACD or HiDef or Surround filter. The ability to sort ascending/descending is also a great idea.

And if I understand the filtering correctly, the Sgt Peppers Super Deluxe 6 Disc Set for example would have shown when filtering on any of these: CD, DVD, or BluRay right?

Love the site and the new feature.

Mathew Lauren

Nice, Paul. Very nice. Kudos. Smart to release as a “beta” while accepting ideas. We’ve all got suggestions, yeah? :)

SDE has come so far and it’s ALL very much appreciated. I, too, visit EVERYDAY! SDE is a MUST CHECK IN site – EVERYDAY!

Since you’re asking, my $.02:

a. A seperate Super Audio Cd filter may be warranted b. A multi-channel filter is a must
c. A seperate “hirez” filter may be warranted now that this category seems to have been displaced from the site.


70s Guy

Looks great in the US on Chrome browser.
Thanks as always, Paul


Hi Paul, congrats on your site. Nice new feature with the release calendar. It works fine on my ipad mini 2, ios 11.2.1 safari.


Ok this is excellent news Paul but where is the brand album from Jack Savoretti? “Singing To Strangers” in your new release calendar ? it’s out on Vinyl, CD and Deluxe signed CD…How can you possibly ignore this VERY talented singer songwriter who has been going since 2007 and his popularity has started to snowball to a wider audience on each album release this is his sixth album !! He has even co written a song with Bob Dylan on this new album which looks set to enter the top 10 album chart next week…Any other readers out there appreciate the many talents of Jack? Also David Gray has a new album out this week that’s not mentioned or even acknowledged even though you mentioned his last album Mutineers back in 2014 this new album “Gold In A Brass Age” his 11th studio album it’s out on CD and Vinyl.
Then there’s the equally talented Lucy Spraggan with “Today Was A Good Day” on her website as a signed CD website exclusive, Cassette, Black Vinyl, Green Vinyl all out on 3rd May her 5th album.
All these 3 superb musicians are making cracking good well constructed melodic music but are criminally ignored on here as having a new release out !! .Is it not your type of music to warrant a mention on here? Surely some readers who follow these artists would love to hear that they have new albums out as limited edition deluxe signed or coloured vinyl editions and they are ALL available on VINYL !! Surely that is worth a mention as we are all in a vinyl revival era yes?

Chris Squires

It’s a blog. It’s Paul’s blog. Not a comprehensive compendium of all releases. To do what you ask would dilute the blog’s reason for existing. As you know these releases are coming up then no doubt you will buy them but it really isn’t what this place is about. You’ve been posting long enough to know that. If people wanted to know the ins and outs of a cat’s arse about every possible release they would go to the NME or whatever site does that kind of thing these days. Don’t forget for every two or three people that you want to be featured here every poster would have two or three artists that they wanted featured here and then the moans would come “why are you featuring their demands and not mine” and the fun would evaporate pretty quickly under the weight of obscure posts designed to try and please everybody but pleasing nobody. I know you can answer for yourself Paul but take mine as a small voice for maintaining things exactly the way you do them. It works. Every band has a website and if we wanted to find out anything about a particular artist there are places to go.


Ok Chris Squires point taken to some degree but have you honestly looked at what is in the singles and albums charts these days? It IS full of unknown dance, rap, Edm which quite honestly won’t be looked back on as anything special many years down the line, and the majority of those artists will be long gone in 10 years time, talentless wanna bees jumping on the bandwagon hoping to get a slice of 15 minutes of fame then Boom they’ve gone.
The 3 music artists I mentioned are just a handful of decent music still being made today, you know the stuff we grew up on? Well constructed songs with melody married with thoughtful, insightful lyrics something which the charts of today is sadly lacking in…Those 3 artist are part of the good music that paul supports, promotes etc so if they are mentioned maybe some who don’t know of them might dip their toe in the musical water so to speak and have a listen on Spotify or Deezer before a possible physical purchase is made…So to summarize a good 85-90 % of the charts are full of Crap…Decent music is still being made (not in the quantity it was in the 80’s) but it still needs to be promoted even more now because all the other so called music out there is drowning it…Nothing wrong in mentioning it on here even it it means writing in this comments box when Paul does his roundup of the weeks music releases on a Monday.

Chris Squires

It’s great when people mention something that’s coming up, usually in the “Out this Week” section. People also do it in the “Get in touch” section.

I do get what your saying Progster but it’s all about opinion isn’t it. For every act that I think is indispensable and lights up my soul, like “The Lilac Time” someone else will think it’s a load of banjoey Brummie exile nonsense whose best payday was an obscure Flora advert. So it can only ever be Paul’s call. One person’s brilliant is another’s shi-ite.

I am so glad I haven’t a clue what EDM is, I really am.


“Surely some readers who follow these artists would love to hear that they have new albums…”

If they followed the artists, they’d already know when they have new albums coming out.

John Lim

Congrats Paul as you celebrate the 8th anniversary of your pet project.
Many thanks for the articles and mostly the Deal Alerts. Spent way too much
but worth every dollar and in my case Canadian. And with the introduction of
Release Calendar….it adds more excitement.
Well done and keep up the good work.

Alan Boyd

Paul well done on 8 years I enjoy the blog as much as the informative descriptions of the new releases. Calendar is also a useful addition maybe a facility to sort by price would be useful? Keep up the good work and thanks
(Hoping for a Roxy Music De Luxe For Your Pleasure this year!)



Fantastic ! I can see this being an mandatoy regular thing to check out whenever I come to visit the website, or when I want to be reminded of when a release I want to buy will appear. Very good work ! (as usual). Happy anniversary !


Won’t work on my iPad but it is a few years old, IOS is 9.3.5 which I cannot update any further. Cleared cache but no luck.
Ok on my iPhone though.
But a very good idea Paul, well done on 8 years.


@Fuller, same as you my iPad is IOS 9.3.5 and the calendar will not work. Works fine on my iPhone though and looks really good.
Congrats on the 8 years SDE.

Paul Wainwright

Thanks love it Your the best Paul

Paul Wren

Yes, this is good. Well done.


Those 8 years went by fast!
Congratulations Paul
I think I may spend more time on your site than I do on most of my other ‘favourites’ combined!


Just saw the note about clearing my browser cache. That worked. :)


This is a great idea. Well done for bringing this together.

I love the design. Can we add the ability to select whether or not you want to see new releases or releases with new content or vanilla re-releases to the filter? Would be good if the filters selected were saved. Also, maybe a way to highlight any release that has had an article posted since you last looked at the calendar.

One note: The calendar is working perfectly on Chrome on my iPad but does not render correctly on Safari. Rather than a table, everything is shown as a single column.

Mister Stick

Great addition, really grateful to see this. You’re setting the standard, Paul.

Geoff Garvoille


Appreciate the new functionality and your general work on the site. Happy anniversary.

Browsing by month on my Windows desktop with the newest version of Chrome, doesn’t seem to work for me. When I click the triangular forward arrow, I get “NO RESULTS IN THIS TIME PERIOD. REMOVE FILTERS TO VIEW MORE RELEASES.” If I selected the calendar drop-down and then choose a month, it works as expected.

I’m not sure why the results, particularly the search results, are bounded by the currently selected month. Sure, you browse to May you’d expect the search results to start with May 1. But why have them end at the end of the month–it’d be more useful to me if I could just keep clicking “Load More Releases” to get the next set of releases, stretching as far into the calendar as possible. I’d double down on the usefulness of removing the month boundary when conducting a search. If I search for “Bowie,” I’d just as presume see the 2-3 pending Bowie releases in the entire calendar, regardless of month.

Lastly, when you’ve got an item for sale in the SDE shop (preorder), you might link to both the article and (separately) to the order page (or, if you can squeeze in the price, directly to an add to bag function).

I hope that’s useful feedback. I do intend to come across as positive and constructive.



Jerry Norton

Wow ! Congratulations on 8years Paul! I visit SDE just about every day for updates and your insights -love this new calendar , thanks for all that you do !

Jerry Norton

8,years , congratulations Paul !! I stop by SDE almost every day for updates and your insights – and this calendar is a terrific edition – thanks so much !!

Dave B

Hi Paul,

Congrats on 8 years! Love your site!

One thing I’ll suggest after watching your video…

If using the “Search for a Release” option, the way it is set up now means you’d have to work through a specific month at a time in your search, doesn’t it?

For example, if already in March and you search for New Order, no results. If in April you get “Movement” box set.

I wonder if the search couldn’t be universal and sweep all monthly time periods for the artist you’re interested in locating? Or at least as an option anyway?


Dave B

Mick Lynch

Excellent filtering system Paul, and Happy Birthday to SDE. It’s Gr8. lol


Im loving this, but hating you. You make me spend too much! Of coarse Im joking. I like the simple layout of the calendar especially. The only thing you might add is direct links from the calendar to the product page.

Sé Kelly

Hi Paul
Great idea
Thanks so much for all the hard work.
It is really appreciated.All the best Sé

Bruce Nicholson

Fantastic addition to the site Paul. Really good and easy to use. As good as your website is this makes it even better.


Great Paul!!!!!!! Thanks for all your efforts – making my # 1 internet website even better and easy to track whats coming in the months ahead!!!

Giles Roditi

Feedback : Nice and slick, generally easy to use and loads quickly. One small point – when navigating month2month by using the previous and next arrows you can quickly go backwards in time with click, click, click of the mouse in same position. However, going forwards is not so easy as the next arrow changes position depending upon the length of the month word – could you somehow make it a fixed width so that the next arrow is always in the same place please ?

Wayne Olsen

Awesome. Thanks, Paul!


Brilliant idea Paul , thanks for all the hard work.

David Mcintyre

Fantastic addition Paul


8 years! That are 56 years in dog years! Congrats! And congrats to the new calendar! Very helpful!

Darren Linklater

Great addition to the site Paul. I visit the site every day and it’s great to see it constantly being developed.
One suggestion to assist us all in our spending plans, why not add anticipated future releases where you can predict the time of year they may be released e.g. Beatles Abbey Road SDE September?.

Paul E.

Mr. Sinclair now that you’ve opened Pandora’s Box. May I ask that your first prediction be an ever so slight popular one: Tears For Fears “Seeds Of Love” SDE? [Extra points for accuracy are assured.]


Love it Paul – thank you.

Dan Krist

I love it Paul! Thank you! This is a wonderful tool!


It’s an excellent addition to the site and works very well with Safari for me at least. Thanks.

Maybe too late for this year, but a special page for Record Store Day releases that you’ve highlighted could be useful for some on here perhaps?

Just one other point, the Lennon/Ono Wedding Album is out next week I believe but not included in the calendar as yet.

Paul Fraser

Good work, fella.


Hey Paul,

I started reading right from your beginnings here and take a peek at your site almost every day since then.

I need to say thanks for the idea and the great effort you put in all this here! It is greatly appreciated…

…and it cost me a fortune already, for probably a lot of your readers all over the planet ;-)

But that’s what it is about: Loving music in all forms.

Greetings from Germany and thanks again

Brian Scott

Great work (again) Paul. What a fantastic idea and really well executed ‘out of the box’.
Much appreciated.
Your site really ticks all the boxes; informative, educational, inspirational and social. Oh, and expensive but that’s my issue not yours! Like many others have said I visit every day and often more than once thanks to the regular alerts on email and twitter. You really have enriched my music listening experience, big time. Long may we all continue to enjoy holding our music in our hands.

Thanks once again for 8 wonderful years. Keep up the great work


Nice work, love it!

And 8 years strong, well done. Don’t recall when I first found SDE but it’s a daily read for me. All the best!


Hmm. Doesn’t seem to display correctly on safari (which I concede is s**t) But great addition when i get it to work.


OK, sorted. (it didnt work when I clearedit first time but maybe was a “straggler” in the list. It was safari 12.0.3 and OS on my old MacBook air is Sierra 10.12.6 (can’t update cos I use Logic pro 9 for music creation of my own and later OS don’t work with it so refusing to be conned yet again by Apple not supporting money Ive spent (e.g. my iPad 1 now useless.(oh dear I’m off on a rant)
Anyway in a way I wish the calendar didnt work as I fear it it going to cost me a lot of money!


Excellent work Paul / SDE. Would you consider doing one of these to show the RSD 2019 releases?


Long Live Vinyl magazine has a very good RSD supplement this month.

Happy 8th Birthday Paul!
Think I’ve been reading since early days.
Don’t know how I found you but so glad I did!


Brilliant Paul – well done

John 79

Top job Paul,
Love everything about this site.


A great site this is.
Good to see a site that caters for people who prefer to have an actual product rather than download.

William K

Great idea Paul and very easy to navigate.
You have the Heaven 17 booklet down for release on the 29th of March but not the Box Set itself.
I know it’s sold out on Amazon but I think it deserves a mention!

David Queiroz

That’s excellent, Paul! Well done!


The new “Release Calendar” functionality will be quite helpful for my planning future music purchases. Paul, since I have a strong interest in new SACD releases to add to my collection (Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, items from Japan, etc.), would it be possible to eventually add an SACD tab, or couple SACD with the Blu-ray or DVD-A category?


This is just great, thanks for the last 8 years and more to come !!!

Jeff Hawboldt

Awesome. Love the filters – I only need to check vinyl.


An App would be even better!!