Status Quo / Live! 4CD box set

Universal Music will release Status Quo Live!  a new four-CD box set box set in September.

The 35-track collection centres around the mid-1970s with the first two discs recreating the Live! album issued in 1977, while disc three offers Tokyo Quoa Japan-only release, which only saw an official UK issue this year for a limited Record Store Day vinyl. The recordings for these gigs were made at Sunplaza Hall in Tokyo during the same 1976 tour, less than a month after the Glasgow gigs that formed the basis of the Live! album.

The fourth and final CD is Australia ’74 which provides 13 previously unreleased live performances recorded in Sydney two years earlier.

A 36-page booklet features extensive notes by Dave Ling and plenty of rare photos provided by former tour manager and ‘fifth member’ of the band Bob Young.

Status Quo Live! is released on 8 September 2014

Track listing

Disc 1 – ‘Live!’

Junior’s Wailing / Backwater – Just Take Me / Is There A Better Way / In My Chair / Little Lady – Most Of The Time / Rain / Forty Five Hundred Times

Disc 2 – ‘Live!’

Roll Over Lay Down / Big Fat Mama / Don’t Waste My Time / Roadhouse Blues / Caroline / Bye Bye Johnny

Disc 3 – ‘Tokyo Quo’

Is There A Better Way / Little Lady / Most Of The Time / Rain / Caroline / Roll Over Lay Down / Big Fat Mama / Don’t Waste My Time / Bye Bye Johnny

Disc 4 – ‘Live Sydney’

Junior’s Wailing / Backwater / Just Take Me / Claudie / Railroad / Roll Over Lay Down / Big Fat Mama / Don’t Waste My Time / Roadhouse Blues Part One / Roadhouse Blues Part Two / Caroline / Drum Solo / Bye Bye Johnny

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Paul, sorry but you’ve got the tracklisting wrong AGAIN (just like with Piledriver earlier this year). The first two CDs are per the LP, not like the 2005 remaster which restored the concert setlist. This one would be correct like this:
Disc 1 – ‘Live!’

Junior’s Wailing / Backwater – Just Take Me / Is There A Better Way / In My Chair / Little Lady – Most Of The Time / Forty Five Hundred Times

Disc 2 – ‘Live!’

Roll Over Lay Down / Big Fat Mama / Caroline / Bye Bye Johnny / Rain / Don’t Waste My Time / Roadhouse Blues

And the second disc of Piledriver would be correct like this:

BBC Sounds of the Seventies
1. Don’t Waste My Time
2. Oh Baby
3. Unspoken Words
4. Paper Plane
5. Softer Ride

John Peel Sessions
6. Paper Plane
7. Don’t Waste My Time

BBC ‘In Concert’ 1973
8. Junior’s Wailing
9. Someone’s Learning
10. In My Chair
11. Railroad
12. Don’t Waste My Time
13. Papaer Plane
14. Roadhouse Blues
15. Bye Bye Johnny

Matthew North

Quo Live is a benchmark live album, The Cherry on the pic would have been to have the Madrid 75 Concert as a Bonus DVD. love an official release of that one day.

[…] well as the Live! box set this week sees another Quo release: a CD+blu-ray combo of the Dublin O2 Arena gig from April this […]

Neil R

Is anyone else holding off on pre-ordering this set from Amazon UK? I’m sure it will come down in price nearer the release date! 46 Pounds seems very steep to me given that the first 2 discs have been released numerous times over the years.


Julian – I didn’t say the RAOTW album is being remastered because this has not been confirmed by the Record Company. It is, however, being remixed.

Also I didn’t mention anything about the Live album being remastered so I’m not sure how you can ‘refute’ my statement.


All deluxe editions include new remasters… and the first one (Piledriver) was a huge improvement over the 2005 pendant. Go figure what I meant. I consider both the Live! box set (which I pre ordered) and the RAOTW deluxe edition essential for me. Why you call the one “for the collectors” and the other “a missed opportunity” when both might include definitive remasters doesn’t make sense to me.


If you read my comments carefully you’ll see that I didn’t once use the term ‘remastered’ so you can’t refute statements that I didn’t make in the first place.

Regarding the ‘Live!’ album, you’ll see that , I noted that this is one for the collectors because most Quo fans would already have the ‘Live!’ album (surely) and some may be unwilling to shell out the best part of £40 for ‘Tokyo Quo’ and the Australian CD as well as another copy of the ‘Live!’ album.

I also noted that the RAOTW remixed version is coming with a second disc containing the original album mix. The missed opportunity is adding some real value for money extras like a live gig from the 77/78 tour istead of the original mix which, again, most Quo fans will already have.

Sometimes you should take the time to read what’s actually written.

Julian H

I read what you wrote. The point is that somebody might want to buy something they already have, because it is newly remastered. I have already done that a couple of times (Pink Floyd, Tears for Fears, Supertramp…). If somebody is content with what they have, fine! But I’m sure there are people like me who want a new remaster (a better one IMO) and therefore don’t only see that value in the bonus material. Look at Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin, new remasters are being bought because people want them. Despite earlier remasters series.
I agree, i would have liked some live material from the RAOTW period as well. But again, there are people who don’t like the Turan approach (go to the Steve Hoffman forum and you know what I mean) who’d be disappointed to find that RAOTW is being released without a new. preferably better, remaster of the original mix (which has its place in the discography as well).

This is just my opinion, Johnny! But the fact is that all of the three releases (Piledriver, Live and RAOTW) offer something ‘new’ *both* in the sense of bonus material (OK, the BBC stuff was out before) as well as new remasters of these classic albums. Oh, and nice packaging / liner notes.

It depends on your personal preference whether you want to buy something you already have for a new remaster or consider that “rebuying” something you already have. I’d go with buying an album again, especially when I’m not happy with the previously available remasters. To me, it really matters. I am happy about these releases. I can’t speak for other fans, but I’m sure I’m not alone.

I’m just trying to make my point clear, and also offer the readers a different perspective. In the end, if these deluxe editions are successful, maybe Universal will do more Quo albums like this. Other bands/artists (ABBA, Mike Oldfield) have had many reissues in the Universal deluxe series. Rebuying the original album is a part of that, but the deluxe editions also supersede the earlier remasters in many cases both content- and soundwise.



Saw Quo in 1974 through to Lancaster leaving and this will be essential. Taking out the original Live album, Tokyo will be essential as other than record day the cost of originals has been high. The Aus album will have Claudie off The “hello” album which is not on any of the official early live albums. For Quo at their peak essential purchase.

Simon F

The 1977 Quo Live album is quite simply one of the best live LP’s ever. I’ve had it on double vinyl for years. Simply glorious stuff.
This was Quo at their finest, and I think this set might be well worth checking out if the other material on it is up to the standard of Live!


The remaster of Piledriver was really good – no concessions to the loudness war, yet more clarity – so I suspect the remasters in RAOTW and Live! will be of the same quality. That basically refutes Johnny’s statements in my book. And that’s also why I really wish more Quo albums will be treated this way!

Mic Smith

I was a big fan of Quo from 73-76 and remain a fan of their stuff from 70-76 to this day. Saw them as The Frantic Four in 2013 at Wolverhampton and they did a great job at turning the clocks back and taking me back to their heyday.
As I have never owned the original Quo Live album and was not even aware of the other 2 shows included here, this sounds like an essential purchase.


I’ve pre-ordered my set already.

This is one for the collectors really as the ‘Live’ album is readily available and has been since 2005, so most Quo fans would have it.

‘Tokyo Quo’ is harder to find but a lot of people bought this at Record Store Day 2014 – where it was being sold for between £15-£30. Certainly a better copy here than the countless bottleg CDs that are for sale.

The real gem is the Australian ’74 material – officially unreleased since it was recorded but available on bootleg at varying quality. It’ll be nice to have a good quality version at last.

Look out too for the forthcoming ‘Rocking All Over The World’ remixed album later in the year, which also (apparently) has a version of the original album in the same package. A missed opportunity here as a live gig from that tour (which do exist) would be much better than an album that 90% of Quo fans would already own.


I saw them at the Blackpool Opera House in 1974 for the glorious fee of £1. Support band Snafu were pretty good too. I’ll be reaching for this live boxed set of that period.