Status Quo / Piledriver 2CD deluxe


March 2014 sees a two-CD deluxe reissue of Status Quo‘s 1972 album Piledriver.

This expanded edition adds a bonus disc of live performances and John Peel radio sessions. The booklet features liner notes by Classic Rock‘s Dave Ling as well as a host of rare photos provided by former tour manager and ‘fifth member’ of the band Bob Young.

Piledriver deluxe edition will be issued on 24 March 2014.

Track listing

Disc 1: Piledriver

  • 1. Don’t Waste My Time
  • 2. Oh Baby
  • 3. AYear
  • 4. Unspoken Words
  • 5. Big Fat Mama
  • 6. Paper Plane
  • 7. All the Reasons
  • 8. Roadhouse Blues

Disc 2: Bonus Tracks

John Peel Sessions

  • 1. Don’t Waste My Time
  • 2. Oh Baby
  • 3. Unspoken Words
  • 4. Paper Plane
  • 5. Softer Ride
  • 6. Paper Plane
  • 7. Softer Ride
  • 8. Don’t Waste My Time

BBC ‘In Concert’ 1973

  • 9. Junior’s Wailing
  • 10. Someone’s Learning
  • 11. In My Chair
  • 12. Railroad
  • 13. Don’t Waste My Time
  • 15. Roadhouse Blues
  • 16. Bye Bye Johnny

Reading Festival 1973

  • 17. Don’t Waste My Time

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[…] starts with the singles taken from the first album with Vertigo (A&M in the US) which was Piledriver. Therefore, The Vinyl Singles Collection 1972-1979, kicks off with Paper Plane and ends with Living […]

[…] is based on the March 2014 deluxe with a bonus CD of BBC sessions, but the paper sleeve packaging replicates the original UK gatefold […]


Paul, is there a track missing? There’s no “14”.

Julian H

Still incorrect…


I see all the Quo fans getting uptight about re-issue over re-issue. I am a massive Quo fan (at least up until Alan Lancaster left), but at least you all don’t have to put up with the re-issue upon re-issue upon re-issue upon re-issue, upon re-issue of Marc Bolan & T.Rex recordings. Many fans buy the same thing again and again (which is why record companies put keep releasing them!) – if everyone stood their ground and said ‘no – we’re not buying the same material again’ especially when the previous releases are still available to buy anyway), then they would have no ground to keep the re-issues coming unless a really special edition could be sought.


I may be wrong, but is this the first-ever release of a SQ album in deluxe format? Too sad there’s no “Big Fat Mama” live version on here, but otherwise it doesn’t look bad!

Kev Moore

This release begs the question: Just how many versions of “Don’t Waste my Time” does one man need?? Piledriver was the first album I ever bought as a kid, and my vinyl copy has disappeared into the mists of time. I want to get the CD version, but think I’ll look for the previous re-issue of this instead.


If you want a good-sounding copy, get this Deluxe Edition and stay away from the over-compressed, trebly 2005 Remasters. This Deluxe Edition is the first really great SQ remaster I’ve heard so far. The live recordings are also a worthy bonus, despite being released before.


Hm, I think the best possible remaster can be heard on the japanese mini lp shm cd remaster from 2013. This is really great and sounds absolutely brilliant in both the high and low dynamics as with the bass sounds which are here completely integrated in the whole sound and not terriffically overpunched as on the 2005 mercury/universal edition.

Try it out :-)

Rocking’ Regards
from Switzerland

Julian H

Thanks but I love the Andy Pearce remasters on the deluxe editions and to me they sound near perfect, so no need to get another version for me :)


Dean – Can see your point absolutely re. bootlegs being officially released and artists finally making money from them. I just find it very frustrating when recordings that are easy to get hold of on the ‘net (and often have been for years) are the ones used. If there’s nothing else, fair enough, but it still disappoints me. I think my point was that I wish that record companies would spend a bit more time looking at what’s available, unofficial though it might be, and try and provide something genuinely unreleased when compiling ‘deluxe’ editions and the like. I’m sure many record comapies hold onto live material that never leaks to the bootleg market…
Totally take your point on board however!

Johnny Main

No problem, Phil.

Sometimes it’s hard reading into what someone else has written and you didn’t come across that you were joking – apologies.

The Australian material is unreleased anywhere in the world (at the moment) and I’ve been waiting 25 years plus to get a proper official version of “Tokyo Quo”.

Johnny Main

@ Phil – There will be no deluxe version of “On The Level”.

All that’s being released is this set, a remixed version of the “Rocking All Over the World” album and a 4CD Deluxe Box Edition of the “Status Quo – Live” album (which also include the “Tokyo Quo” album and the previously unreleased ‘”Live in Sydney Australia – 20th November 1974″ recording) which are both scheduled for June.


Thanks Johnny. I was being facetious about On The Level but I appreciate the heads-up. As for the Live Box Edition, this is indeed great news and I cannot wait to hear the Sydney and Tokyo recordings.

Julian H

– There will be no deluxe version of “On The Level”.

Well…. ;-)


I just wanted to say how strongly I disagree with Ian above when he states: “. They could do well not to give us back what we’ve already had as bootlegs for years too, even if the sound has been cleared up a tad.”

This strikes me as completely wrong headed. A bootleg is a bootleg. It’s not official, and the artist gets nothing from it. Having an official release means the music is treated with respect, the musician gains from his/her work, and we get to hear the performance in the best possible way. The idea that something isn’t worth releasing officially because there has been a bootleg is ridiculous.

I can appreciate we all want new experiences for our favorite bands – but let’s have some respect and not think solely of ourselves. No-one forces us to buy these releases, you’re always free to ignore them. I say, it’s cool official releases are coming, let’s enjoy the music.


” I guess collectors really are a small percentage of the market however, and the record companies will be aiming this one at the casual 50-something buyer who’s never replaced his/her Piledriver vinyl copy.”

A voice of sanity and reality :-)

This can basically be posted in every comments thread!


In principle it looks good, radio tracks and concert material in plentiful supply. Tend to agree with the other comments though, the BBC concert material is already on the boxset, not to mention ROIOs. I guess collectors really are a small percentage of the market however, and the record companies will be aiming this one at the casual 50-something buyer who’s never replaced his/her Piledriver vinyl copy. These are the people who probably didn’t know that there was a boxset or what a bootleg is, and don’t actually care…that’s ok. In a perfect world, however, the bands would have 100% control over every note they’ve ever recorded, and would totally oversee every re-issue, thereby minimising what we see here. Not sure if Quo had much of hand in this…they’ve been busy making supermarket commercials in Australia. Rest of the world is spared, but in Oz “Down Down” has been ruined and the re-written jingle will probably be on the Deluxe version of “On The Level”.


I thought the “Prices are Down” commercial was hilarious, but I know many loathe it…


Given the comments here, and the ones for the slated Elton John Super Deluxe… Maybe we music buying fans are getting savvy to the money grabbing ways of the labels? We won’t just buy any old shit because it’s said to be ‘deluxe’ or ‘super’ (or ‘super deluxe’!) Maybe putting together a decent package is the way forward and record companies need to realise that. They could do well not to give us back what we’ve already had as bootlegs for years too, even if the sound has been cleared up a tad.

On a related note – read some pretty negative comments about the next ABBA deluxe edition today – and looking at the track listing, even though I don’t own the original, I couldn’t help but agree. Don’t sell us back what we’ve already bought – or picked up for free on the ‘net. It’s common sense.

Just my opinion!


Should be a 1 CD issue, the 1st CD only goes for 35 min or so.

Robin Z.

The 1st CD is almost 40 minutes.


A lot of Quo fans are complaining that there’s nothing on this that most fans wouldn’t already have but it’s a good set for those recently discovering the band via the Reunion gigs or for younger fans who couldn’t afford to shell out on the”Live At The BBC” set.


Many thanks for the info, Paul. Piledriver is Quo’s 5th official studio album, not their debut though.