Suede / CD Singles box and Seven-inch vinyl box set


26/2/14 Update: These sets are now shipping to North America and most countries around the world!

Demon Music have announced two Suede singles box sets that compile virtually every seven inch and B-side the band have put out.

A 24-CD Singles Box will round up all tracks that were dotted around all the various formats of the day (CD 1, 2, 3 – DVD singles – cassette single B-sides etc.). It’s not *quite* everything. If you’re looking for “Rollo’s Vocal Mix” of Everything Will Flow, you’ll be disappointed and some live tracks have gone AWOL (three live numbers from New Generation CD 2 are missing). The band dislike them, if you want to know the reason! The Bloodsports 45s make their debut on the CD single format and the CD singles box also comes with a bonus DVD featuring 28 promo videos, which is not to be sniffed at.

The seven-inch box offers less tracks – two per single – but it’s arguably a lot cooler and only 10 of the singles were ever issued commercially on seven-inch. Brett Anderson has selected which track gets B-side ‘status’ of those making their seven-inch debut, in case you were wondering.

Only 1000 of each box are being made available and both come with a booklet and digital download.

The first 250 orders (either set) get an art print featuring the lyrics of Trash which will be signed by Brett, and you’re name could be on it!

These are available exclusively from the Suede shop although the CD singles box has recently turned up on Amazon UK.

These will ship ‘on or before’ 14 April 2014.

Official Suede Store (both boxes):

Vinyl box:

CD Singles box:

Seven-inch vinyl box
Get in quick for this signed poster

Track listing

Vinyl box

  1. The Drowners / To The Birds
  2. Metal Mickey / Where The Pigs Don’t Fly
  3. Animal Nitrate / The Big Time
  4. So Young / High Rising
  5. Stay Together [edit] / The Living Dead
  6. We Are The Pigs / Killing Of A Flash Boy
  7. The Wild Ones / Modern Boys
  8. New Generation / Together
  9. Trash / Europe Is Our Playground
  10. Beautiful Ones / The Sound Of The Streets
  11. Saturday Night / This Time
  12. Lazy / Sadie
  13. Filmstar / Graffiti Women
  14. Electricity / Implement Yeah!
  15. She’s In Fashion / God’s Gift
  16. Everything Will Flow / Leaving
  17. Can’t Get Enough / Let Go
  18. Positivity / Simon
  19. Obsessions [radio edit] / Instant Sunshine
  20. Attitude / Golden Gun
  21. Barriers / Falling Planes
  22. It Starts And Ends With You / Dawn Chorus
  23. Hit Me / What Violet Says
  24. For The Strangers / Darkest Days

CD Single Box

  1. The Drowners / To The Birds / My Insatiable One
  2. Metal Mickey / Where The Pigs Don’t Fly / He’s Dead
  3. Animal Nitrate / Painted People / The Big Time
  4. So Young / Dolly / High Rising
  5. Stay Together [edit] / The Living Dead / My Dark Star / Stay Together [long version]
  6. We Are The Pigs / Killing Of A Flash Boy / Whipsnade
  7. The Wild Ones / Modern Boys / This World Needs A Father / Eno’s Introducing The Band / Asda Town
  8. New Generation / Together / Bentswood Boys
  9. Trash / Europe Is Our Playground / Every Monday Morning Comes / Have You Ever Been This Low / Another No One
  10. Beautiful Ones / Young Men / Sound Of The Streets / Money / Sam
  11. Saturday Night / WSD / Jumble Sale Mums / This Time / Saturday Night [original demo]
  12. Lazy / These Are The Sad Songs / Feel / Sadie / Digging A Hole
  13. Filmstar / Graffiti Women / Duchess / Rent [live] / Saturday Night [live]
  14. Electricity / Popstar / Killer / See That Girl / Waterloo / Implement Yeah!
  15. She’s In Fashion / Bored / Pieces Of My Mind / Jubilee / God’s Gift / Down [demo]
  16. Everything Will Flow / Weight Of The World / Leaving / Crackhead / Seascape
  17. Can’t Get Enough / Let Go / Since You Went Away / Situations / Read My Mind
  18. Positivity / One Love / Simon / Superstar / Cheap / Colours / Campfire Song
  19. Obsessions [radio edit] / Cool Thing / Instant Sunshine / UFO / Rainy Day Girl / Hard Candy / ABC Song
  20. Attitude / Golden Gun / Oxygen
  21. Barriers / Nothing Can Stop Us / Howl
  22. It Starts And Ends With You / Dawn Chorus / No Holding Back
  23. Hit Me / Falling Planes / What Violet Says
  24. For The Strangers / Darkest Days / Human Tide

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Got my vinyl box today!
The only word I can say is “beautiful”, and I like the way they numbered the single, beautiful 1, beautiful 2, very suede.
People started sell it on ebay/amazon with crazy price;(

[…] Records follow their two Suede Singles box sets with a flurry of releases from the band in […]


Since this specifically mentions that there will be tracks from 7″ and cassette singles that were never on vinyl before, I must note that most of the cassette-only b-sides are not present in the CD single set. Missing are:

– “By The Sea (Demo)” from the “Beautiful Ones” cassette
– “She (Live)” from the “Lazy” cassette
– “Filmstar (Original Version)” from the “Filmstar” 7″ (as Paolo noted above)
– “Picnic By The Motorway (Live)” from the “Saturday Night” cassette
– “Beautiful Ones (Live)” from the “Everything Will Flow” cassette

The version of “Filmstar” does appear on the Edsel reissue of “Coming Up,” though none of the others were included there either. Also, the Edsel version of “A New Morning” leaves off the same “Attitude” b-sides as this compilation does. They have remedied the omission of “Digging A Hole” from Edsel’s “Coming Up” as well.

You could posit that they have just ignored the cassette singles, but strangely “Implement Yeah!” from the “Electricity” cassette/MD and “Down (Demo)” from the “She’s In Fashion” cassette do appear here. Hmmm…


I was terrified on missing on these box sets as they are from my all time favorite band. as I live in Mexico MyPlay wouldn’t ship these over, my last resort was Amazon UK (got the vinyl box set there last time) but I knew I would be very lucky if ten, maybe twenty box sets made it to be sold through Amazon, so I kept checking daily on the MyPlay website and today they were available for Mexico, so I immediately secured one of each. Don’t know why they do this shipping offering by stages but at least this time they did it!

John Able

Had a confirmation email tonight that I have been lucky enough to be within the first 250 orders on both the vinyl and cd box sets and have my name listed and signed. Very exciting for a 46 year old man who should perhaps know better !


Anybody know for sure if these will be available on amazon? (Has any other bands released a similar box set and was sold on amazon as well?) I live overseas and I heard a lot of horrible delivery stories and customer service about myplaydirect, so I prefer to order from Amazon…but I’m also afraid that it will sell out in a few days…

Michael Bird

I presume that since MyPlay is affiliated with the band and the band’s label, it would be in violation of the legal agreement between the band and the woman who owns the Suede-as-band-name trademark in the US to sell directly to the US. Brett *hates* the London Suede compromise and has been quite vocal about it. Amazon is able to sell to the US as it is a neutral third party.


maybe a post in a suede fan forum makes the omission of the three “attitude” songs more plausible:

someone called 2-j wrote the following:
“All 3 of those Attitude Bs are arguably demoes/unfinished. They were obviously having a bit of a retrospective look into their archives to complete the tracklisting of CD2 and the DVD (the Arthur Baker remix of Head Music goes along with this too). None of them are contemporaneous with the single itself or the material on CD1. Just A Girl dates from 1995, it is unfinished (it ends with a bum note and talk from Brett and Richard) and could possibly be at the demo or rough stage anyway. We’re So Disco I presume dates from 96 or earlier and is an alternative version of W.S.D. which had its release as a B-Side to Saturday Night. Heroin has the best case that it is a ‘true’ original B-Side, it sounds pretty much finished, I suppose it could be written off as a demo or something, not sure if the band have 100% clarified If it was finished and good to go. Though we should add it dates from the Head Music era and was not included a B-Side or album track back then as it was felt to be too personal. (…) I thought in fairness it should be pointed out that these three are all out-takes, one is definitely unfinished, another is a version of a released track and all three along with the Arthur Baker remix were the result of a trawl through the archives.So maybe their omission is excusable to some extent.”


any news on the three missing “attitude” b-sides (just a girl, heroin, we’re so disco)? all three were penned by anderson so indeed they should be no reason to exclude them…


thank you paul for the info.

sad to hear that they are missing out on an unique opportunity to release a perfekt b-side compilation. i agree, these three songs are hardly groundbreaking but if you release a € 100 b-side album, shouldn’t you offer a compilation which includes ALL b-sides regardless of the opinion you now have towards a few of them? if bret found them worthy of release back in 2003 he should live with the decision eleven years later. they have become part of the suede history and they definitely should be included here.

but i know, i am a perfectionist and completionist and most fans won’t be bothered by the exclusion of these three songs.

Steven C

Did Demon ever confirm that YES the tracks are ALL the remastered versions? (including Stay Together (full long version) and WSD?


Aww, i was about to preorder the 7″ boxset…but then it’s only 24×2 tracks then, obviously. You get the double with the cds and the cd boxset is cheaper. :-/


I have no doubt that at least the CD box set will become available via Amazon, much like the vinyl box set last year. To be honest I would much rather prefer to buy these in the format that Morrissey released his singles/b-sides compilation. First there were the box sets with individual single CDs, followed a few years later by all the songs on concise three discs in a fat CD box.
Still if the Suede CD box becomes purchaseable to Australian fans via Amazon or otherwise, I’ll order it.

rare glam

I quite agree, the recent Small Faces ‘Here Come The Nice’ box and the even more recent blue vinyl LP singles collection being cases in point. They are blatently advertised all over British based websites but not for sale in Britain, only as imports. You can buy the SF box from Amazon UK for £160 (an import price presumably – even though it is manufactured in Britian I think?), but I snuck an early order in via Charley’s website and got it for £95, even though thereafter they refused any further UK orders. It should be the same price on Amazon UK. Having said that, I pre-ordered the upcoming T Rex Tanx / Zinc Alloy book set for £60 via Myplay when it was ‘exclusively’ available only via them, now it’s available on Amazon UK for £16 less and only 1,500 of those are reportedly being made (although I am getting the limited 45 and tote bag. so no complaints). I would not be surprised to see the Suede singles box sets (only 1000 of each) for sale on Amazon at £15 or so less after a month once the early pre-orders have all been made and the left over stock released through wider outlets. Demon are a commercial enterprise with back catalogue licenses to exploit, not a boutique private press hobby label, so I think this is probably just a marketing stratagey and those outside the UK will be able to buy these Suede sets from Amazon UK in due course, at least for a while if there’s only 1000 of them in total. I’m just pleased they have been made at all, but I think Paul, it might be worth asking Demon (or whoever) about these releases and the nature of availability overall. I mean, I think I’ve got my name being printed in the T Rex book set and obviously the 250 first pre-orders for the Suede sets will have the signed certificates. A nice touch in both cases for fans and a good marketing stratagey to guarantee minimum take up and cost recovery at least for the label. I think though, the overall availability of these sort of releases could be made clearer at the outset, i.e that they definitely will be avilable later on via Amazon etc or alternatively that they are definitely restricted to the dedicated wordplay site for the whole 1000 copies etc. run My, what a long and blustering post! I’ll end now.


It is absolutely ridiculous not to sell products to another country due to “licensing issues”. In the day and age when less and less people are buying physical, barriers such as licensing issues or region coding should be scrapped. I understand that companies would have spent money to get a distribution deal but seriously. If you want a product from another region there is nothing stopping you from getting it. Myplay store should realise this and let people buy their products no matter where they live.

Paolo Meccano

Hmmm. I’ve just noticed that the demo of ‘Filmstar’ seems to be missing.

rare glam

I’ve pre-ordered the CD singles box set, partly because it has nearly everything on there and partly because I love the miniaturisition aesthetic. Nobody issues CD singles box sets anymore, they were a big fad of the first decade of the century. I have dozens of of these CD singles box sets, I just got a good condtion copy of the Cocteau Twins 10 x CD EP box set issued all the way back in 1991. I’d like to see The Suede albums issued in a similar fashion as well and there must be no nd of bands whose singles back catalogue would be nicely served by the CD singles box set format.

Paolo Meccano

As a long-time Suede fan who would appreciate the opportunity to finally get on CD those tracks which only appeared on 7″ and cassette, I’m sad to say that this is just too expensive. Especially when those same live tracks and demos could easily have been included on the Edsel reissues.

Stephen Barr

Maybe they should concentrate on the rectifying the mastering fuck up on ‘Bloodsports’ before rehashing their back catalogue.


wow, at last!

unfortunately, there are a few b-sides missing:

1) painted people (from “animal nitrate)
2) the big time (from “animal nitrate”)
3) just a girl (from “attitude”)
4) heroin (from “attitude”)
5) we’re so disco (from “attitude”)

does anybody know why these 5 songs are missing from an otherwise perfect compilation?

by the way: i wish Garbage would someday also make such a b-side compilation, they have 45 b-sides by now, many are better than many album tracks.


sorry, my mistake:

“painted people” and “the big time” are there, only the three b-sides from the ‘attitude’ single are missing

– just a girl
– heroin
– we’re so disco

does anybody know why this tracks were left out?


Canada not on the list! What’s with that crap?

John Sayers

No Yanks they say.

Matthew James

So the b-sides to “Barriers” and “It Starts and Ends with You” CD singles in this box are the bonus tracks of different configurations of Bloodsports? They weren’t actually b-sides-backed digital or physical singles of these? Please excuse my American ignorance.


I was asked to provide a name (less than 30 characters) for the poster when I ordered earlier.

Just wondering if this means I managed to make it in the first 250?


I think you are within the first 250 as I was not asked to give a name. Was so sad that I realized these box sets so late. These limited quota is gone more quickly than the LP box set last year where I was within the first 100 or 150. sad…..

Alan Fenwick

Wow, the first 250 signed allocation seem to have gone already, no mention on either of they vinyl or CD pages when you go to purchase.

I got in earlier when it was still listed on the buy pages, so I think I should be ok.

John Able

Ordered one of each earlier this evening. Marvellous music and highly collectible.