Suede Vinyl Collection price drop

vinyl box

The 11xLP vinyl box set from Suede which was initially unavailable to US fans via Suede’s webstore, is not only is it now available to them via Amazon UK, but has actually dropped in price by 35%.

At the time of writing (and it will undoubtedly go back up soon) the price is £106. Even for UK buyers that undercuts the Suede store by £24. For US fans who get the VAT deducted that is a price of around £88 or $142. That is a great deal, considering the newly announced 8LP Jam vinyl box set is £132. The Suede box is also available on Amazon Germany, but the price isn’t really competitive.

The box contains all the band’s studio albums, but at least six pieces of vinyl inside this set could be classed as essential. They are Suede’s 1993 debut, the double LP that is follow-up Dog Man Star, the 3LP Sci-Fi Lullabies B-side collection and Coming Up.

Suede: The Vinyl collection is released on 21 October 2013.

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[…] Suede Vinyl Collection price drop […]

Alan Fenwick

This set is currently the number one selling vinyl on Amazon, it’s attracting a decent amount of attention.

Matthew James

Is there information anywhere on the mastering process for these LPs? Were any of the albums originally analog recordings?


Great news! Thanks Paul!


Good price if 1) they are very good-quality pressings and 2) if they sound way better than the Edsel/Demon Suede deluxe CDs from a year or two ago. Otherwise, why bother?


Edesel previous discs are a complete sonically disaster loud as hell, very poor!!!! so this new box are the same just put in a stupid vinyl??? any info of the source!