Bros / “Push” 25th Anniversary 3CD Deluxe Edition track listing


Cherry Pop will reissue eighties boy band Bros‘ debut album Push as a three-CD 25th anniversary deluxe edition on 28 October 2013.

The 1988 album, which sold 1.2 million copies in the first year of release in Britain alone, contains five top 5 UK singles, including the number one I Owe You Nothing. It would be the band’s only album as a trio, before the acrimonious departure of bassist Craig Logan.

This three CD set contains a wealth of remixes that kept Shep Pettibone (and other remixers) very busy at the time, including the 18-minute “Over 18 Mix” of I Owe You Nothing, six versions of When Will I Be Famous? including the sample heavy “Contender Dub Mix” and the various B-side tracks, such as The Boy Is Dropped, Silent Night (technically an ‘A’ side), and The Big Push Overture.

In total, 21 bonus tracks in this remastered Bros-fest.

Push 3CD Deluxe track listing:

Disc One

  • When Will I Be Famous?
  • Drop The Boy
  • Ten Out Of Ten Push
  • Liar
  • Love To Hate You
  • I Owe You Nothing
  • I Quit Push
  • It’s A Jungle Out There
  • Shocked Push
  • Cat Among The Pigeons

Disc 2

  1. The Boy Is Dropped
  2. Silent Night
  3. Shocked (Live)
  4. The Big Push Overture
  5. I Owe You Nothing (The Shep Pettibone Mix)
  6. I Owe You Nothing (Pettibeats)
  7. I Owe You Nothing (The Voice)
  8. I Owe You Nothing (Club Mix)
  9. I Owe You Nothing (The Beats)
  10. I Owe You Nothing (Over 18 Mix)

Disc 3

  1. When Will I Be Famous? (The Contender Dub Mix)
  2. When Will I Be Famous? (Infamous Mix)
  3. When Will I Be Famous? (Club Mix)
  4. When Will I Be Famous? (Acapella Mix)
  5. When Will I Be Famous? (Bonus Beats)
  6. Drop The Boy (Art Mix)
  7. Drop The Boy (Shep Pettibone Dub Mix)
  8. Drop The Boy (Shep Pettibone Mix)
  9. I Quit (Acid Drops)
  10. I Quit (The ”Turn-On” Mix)
  11. I Quit (The Acidic Mix)

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I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you design this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you?
Plz answer back as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to know where u got
this from. cheers



Yeah, I know :( At least we’ve got the full length Shep 12″ Mix of IOUN, Acapella & beats of WWIBF and ART mix of DTB! I got the shorter mix from Various ‎– Fantastic 80s! Extended.

It’s “good” to have them twice than some reissues claimed to have a specific mix (unreleased/1st time on CD) but it’s a released one or an easy obtainable mix!

Often record companies/labels don’t know what mixes they have/own of a song. That’s why back in those days 80’s/90’s we got so many hidden treasures. I wouldn’t know there were so many different versions of WWIBF (contender 7″ & 12″ mixes for example) if I didn’t compile the Bros compilation myself. I listened & relistened to them back to back. And i found the different mixes myself (not mentioned on discogs etc)! So I suggest Cherry Red/Pop or Demon/Edsel to work with fans (involvement by fans) like Paul Sinclair did with Paul Young 2CD’s compilation. Then success is guaranteed: happy fans & very good sales numbers.


Hi Griffin….bad news!!!!! :(
As we were afraid of, ‘The Beats’ version and the ‘Pettibeats’ versions are…THE SAME!!!! Not even the late ‘Whooo!’ we can hear on the promo 12″ on the Pettibeats version is here, so we have TWICE the exactly same version on the same CD, with just two tracks between them. A BIG shame, unforgibeable and really hard to explain on a release like this, where it seems that there was real care around the making of it…how can things like this happen???? Nobody with an intent ear listened to ALL the different tracks first, and the complete thing later, to prevent mistakes like this to happen?? I still can´t believe how negligences like this can ruin an otherwise really nice set release :(


I haven’t got my pre-ordered copy yet! So I can’t tell. Let’s hope for a surprise. :D

All my tracks were from CD’s/CD singles/Compilation CD’s! So the ones on vinyl I didn’t know. Let’s hope they have the 6:34 “full length version” from original master tape! :P


Hi Griffin!! As you said, as far as I know (because I have both versions on vinyl) the IOU ‘The Beats’ and ‘Pettibeats’ versions are the same…well, the Pettibeats version includes a last ‘Woooh!’ scream at the very end, after a few seconds of silence, but this is not worthy to be included twice!! I hope we´ll have the nice surprice to discover that two really different ‘beats’ versions do exist!! If not…hmmmm…a BIG FAILURE!!!
And a last thing not included in your list: the IOU Shep Pettibone Mix included on the promo 12″ is longer than the usual Shep Pettibone Remix! The full lenght 12″ version is 6:34, not 6:19 as usual (and I´m not talking about the Re-remix. wich is 7:28 nor the Dub that runs for 5:32 ;) )


@Terence Delaney,

These from from compilation cd’s I made a few years back! I don’t remember every details. I’ll try my best.

I Owe You Nothing [Shep Pettibone-The 7” Mix] 3:39
The single came out first. Then it was included on the album. This is the album version as others refered to.

When Will I Be Famous? [Freddy Bastone-The Contender 7” Mix] 4:23
This was one of the side tracks from one of the Bros CD singles! Not the single version. “Same” as the Contender Dub Mix, but with more vocals in a shorter form.

When Will I Be Famous? [Freddy Bastone-The Contender 12” Mix] 5:48
This was from one of the Bros CD singles! About the same length as The Infamous Mix, but different from it. “Same” as the Contender Dub Mix, but with more vocals in a shorter form. Though longer than the 7″ mix I found on other CD single.

When Will I Be Famous? [Freddy Bastone-The Contender Dub Mix] 8:18
This was the easiest one, from their CD single.

I hope this helps.

[…] Red Records have made a last minute change to their reissue of Bros’ 1988 album Push –  first announced via this blog  earlier this month – and it’s all down to the passion and enthusiasm of SuperDeluxeEdition […]

Ian Cattermole

Hi Everyone,
Being a Huge, Huge Fan of Bros reading the comments above amazes me just how much interest has been generated and how opinions still remain divided over this Iconic Trio/Duo 25yrs on from the release of what is possibly the greatest Pure Pop Album of the 80’s!! The first thing I’d like to say is that this release is long long overdue, especially when you consider the first four single releases from the Album(WWIBF? (UK No.2), Drop The Boy (UK No.2), I O U Nothing (UK No.1 upon Re-release) and I Quit (UK No.4)) are (in my opinion) 4 of the best 7″ Cuts not only of 1988 bu also the Late 80’s!! Yes the absence of the 7″ Mixes/Remixes is disappointing, especially those of
I O U Nothing and I Quit as they amply show off the incredible Vocal talent that Matt Goss was and still is. Moreover, they were also great Mixes from Rik Wake and Fred Maher respectively that simply deserve inclusion. However, I am not entirely surprised by this because fans of the band will no doubt tell you that the Rik Wake/Bob Cadway 7″ Remix of I O U Nothing (Which is still Bros’ Greatest Hit and only UK No.1) does not appear on either of their Greatest Hits Releases – 2004’s The Best of Bros and 2010’s I Owe You Nothing – The Best of Bros!!!!!
But I do feel the depth of Bonus Material & CD/Digital Rarities make this a must for all of us fans of The Boogie, The Beat and The Bass… Ironically hot on the heels of the clearest indication yet that all 3 Members are talking about reforming for the first time since The 89 Brits!! :D
That said the missing 7″ Mixes, Pettibone Mixes of I O U Nothing and a 4th CD incorporating 88’s VHS Release of The Big Push Tour – Live! would’ve been the icing on the cake…But Bros Are Still The Boogie!


Got an email back today from Cherry Red stating that the 7″ mixes/edits of WWIBF, Drop The Boy, IOU Nothing and I Quit will now be included on Disc One



As far as I know (correct me if I’m wrong) I owe you nothing The Beats=PettiBeats!

Why don’t they hire you/Paul S. as their consultant? Of course if they are different I would be happy to have them both.

If you have their I owe you nothing-The best of then you have all/most single edits/mixes! So it’s big deal if they aren’t here (of course it would more complete to have them all here)!

I agreed with Mike there are still some missing remixes! I hope it’s still not too late for Cherry Red/Pop to include those & of course EVERYTHING should be only from Mastertapes:
I Owe You Nothing [Shep Pettibone Re-Remix] 7:29
I Owe You Nothing [Dub Mix] 6:34

White Label/Bootleg Remixes (licensing could be a problem):
I Owe You Nothing [Blues Bros. Democratic Three Mix] 6:23
I Owe You Nothing [DJ Slack-Ill-Legal Mix] 6:23
When Will I Be Famous? [DJ Slack-Ill-Legal Mix] 5:59

I’ll still get this set because of When will I be famous? Acapella Mix/Bonus beats & Drop the boy Art Mix.

These are the ones I have from CD’s/CD singles/Promo CD’s/Compilation CD’s/etc:
When Will I Be Famous? [Single Version] 3:58
When Will I Be Famous? [Album Version] 5:00
When Will I Be Famous? [Freddy Bastone-The Infamous Mix] 5:40
When Will I Be Famous? [Freddy Bastone-The Contender 7” Mix] 4:23
When Will I Be Famous? [Freddy Bastone-The Contender 12” Mix] 5:48
When Will I Be Famous? [Freddy Bastone-The Contender Dub Mix] 8:18
When Will I Be Famous? [Ric Wake & Richie Jones-12” Club Mix] 8:02
When Will I Be Famous? [Ric Wake & Richie Jones-12” Dub Mix] 7:34
When Will I Be Famous? [Karaoke Version] 3:59

Drop The Boy [Album Version] 4:08
Drop The Boy [Single Remix] 3:48
Drop The Boy [Shep Pettibone-The 12” Mix] 6:45
Drop The Boy [Shep Pettibone-The Dub Mix] 7:02
Drop The Boy [Passive Verb Version-The Boy Is Dropped] 3:51

I Owe You Nothing [Shep Pettibone-The 7” Mix] 3:39
I Owe You Nothing [Shep Pettibone-The 12” Mix] 6:19
I Owe You Nothing [Shep Pettibone-The Beats=PettiBeats] 3:40
I Owe You Nothing [Shep Pettibone-The Voice=Acappella] 3:15
I Owe You Nothing [Ric Wake & Bob Cadway-7” Remix] 3:53
I Owe You Nothing [Ric Wake & Richie Jones-Club Mix] 7:39
I Owe You Nothing [Ric Wake-Over 18 Mix Incl. Ill-Legal Mix] 17:52

I Quit [Album Version] 3:56
I Quit [Fred Maher-7” Remix] 3:33
I Quit [Fred Maher-The ”Turn-On” Mix] 6:53
I Quit [Zoe-Acid Drops] 3:58
I Quit [Zoe-Acidic Mix] 8:05
The Big Push Overture 5:45

Cat Among The Pigeons [Album Version] 4:05
Silent Night [Simon Humphrey-7” Mix] 3:49
Silent Night [Simon Humphrey-12” Mix] 5:06

Terence Delaney

Hi Griffin, can i ask what these are on?
I Owe You Nothing [Shep Pettibone-The 7” Mix] 3:39
When Will I Be Famous? [Freddy Bastone-The Contender 7” Mix] 4:23
When Will I Be Famous? [Freddy Bastone-The Contender 12” Mix] 5:48
When Will I Be Famous? [Freddy Bastone-The Contender Dub Mix] 8:18


No 7″ remixes no sale!


Hurrah, JJ agrees with me.


The absence of the 7″ edits/mixes means i wouldn’t buy this – if the effort is being made to expand the album to 3 discs then get it right or just don’t bother please.


Must admit rather baffled this i s being reissued twice, as people have said a its not that good and b there are many more to do!

Phil Wilson

Do we suspect there may be a DVD release / re-release at some point as the one with the videos / live show is really hard to find now.

I was wondering also whether The Time may get the same treatment as there was an expanded 1 CD version a few years back but there are many more mixes available, and I seem to remember about a “Madly In Love” suite which was around 18 minutes long, which they they ditched and had Madly in love and Too much as separate tracks. Anyone heard this / know more about it?

Terence Delaney

I think it was a 3 part track including madly in love/too much/i’ll count the Hours…is that the one you mean mate?

Terence Delaney

Can’t wait to get this, but i hope they put some extra stuff on it, single edits/silent night [Full length version]…iou nothing mixes, dvd maybe would be good so they could include US/UK versions of WWIBF?


If you can’t include the hit single 7″ mixes on a THREE DISC version of an album, why bother? If it’s a licensing issue, then either the companies should come to an agreement or the project should be shelved. This was the chance to put everything in one place, and yet again – like on so many contemporary deluxe editions – that hasn’t happened.

Seems to me that we got a better standard of reissue when there were only 1 or at most 2 discs to play with. The bigger they get, the more omissions, flaws, errors and general botches they bring us. I would rate Push as one of the better late 80s pop albums, but even I wouldn’t say it deserves a triple disc treatment.

CD1 could be the album plus b-sides. CD2 the 7″ mixes and a few choice 12″ mixes. Is it really so hard?


Oh, I’m sure not everyone would agree with me, after all a lot of people like to have as much available/licensed material as they can get! I just view deluxe editions as a sort of definitive vision/representation of an album, and as such should have the main A side mixes and 12″ A side mixes to be worthwhile. If that’s not possible, maybe the parties involved could wait until those mixes are able to included….I wouldn’t be so critical if it were a 1 or 2CD affair…but to stretch what’s effectively a bargain bin 80s pop album (as much as I love it!) to three discs and then still omit vital material, seems a baffling decision.


what the hell!! from every album that came out in the 80’s a deluxe edition?

This is one that does not appears in any list of best of 80’s. Boy group with one or 2 hits. There are many other bands from the 80’s who deseerve better. Like Comsat Angels, The Sound, Teardrop Explodes etc. etc

Stephen K

Bros. never had much of a presence in the U.S. – I was looking at this just to see what they had in the way of 3 CDs worth of material. I sense some unused space on the discs, but it seems they could still do with a 4th disc. Terrifying.

When you just smack a few bonus tracks on a re-release, it’s hard to feel the value. Looking at this, and not being a Bros. fan, I see an album plus 4 import CD-singles (or 12″s), and the fact that it will probably sell for about the same cost that the original album did when it first came out (?) really underscores the value of these deluxe editions.

I’m very excited by the Belinda Carlisle and Bananarama re-releases. They are definitely giving value to fans. With a lot of late 80’s releases, there were many supporting CD-singles for each album. When a re-release’s bonus tracks don’t even offer enough material to duplicate a 12″ or CD-single tracklistings, I feel better off with the original releases. Thankfully releases this year seem to be getting a lot right!

Howard Trigg

Not a fan of Bros, but I was interested to see how this faired against the recent Belinda Carlisle reissues. Not too well in my (limited) opinion. No 7″ edits and no promo vids which I thought would have been essential to make this comprehensive?


Is the 7″ remix of IOU included (is it the shep pettibone remix?)

Alan Fenwick

Not sure whether it’s a good thing to admit or not but err.. I own a copy of the 12″ promo of the Over 18 mix on vinyl…. The remix breaks down as follows:

Produced by Nicky Graham

Intro (Ric Wake)
2nd Verse (Shep Pettibone)
Gtr Solo (Ric Wake)
Illegal Mix
Drum B/Down (Shep Pettibone)
Auto Pan/Phase (Nicky Graham)
Pettibeats (Shep Pettibone)
Gtr Solo No. 2
The Voice


I own all of the cd singles from the album, along with a few japanese cd releases which include the over 18 mix, but it is nice to see them altogether.

Deffo pre-ordered now.

John Able

Does it matter ? These releases are just nostalgia gone too far. Tedious.

Ian Usher

Do we know if these are from original tapes or vinyl transfers?


More 80s stuff thats best left in the 80s.
Surely they can find some better music to create deluxe editions of?


The over-18 mix. At bloody last! I’ve just remembered going into my local record shop and feeling a little embarrassed (at only 15 i might add) asking for the ultra-rare ‘Over 18’ 12″ of ‘I owe you nothing’ which was so-called as it was 18 minutes and 1 second long i think. I thought it might have swearing as titled over-18 and expected them to have it and maybe refuse selling it to me if rated 18+ lol. They were clueless of it to my surprise. Wonderful to finally see it make it onto CD. Will get this release. Used to play I quit (Acid drops) a lot. It was the ‘b’ side of I quit i’m sure. I was embarrassed BTW cause it was Bros, not cause i thought it was rude, lol!


Pre-ordered…been after some of these Pettibone remixes for ages!

A definitive Pettibone remix boxset would be a must buy!


Actually quick check, i think the following are missing,

IOU – pettibone dub mix, wake dub mix, pettibone re-remix, illegal mix
Famous – illegal mix, wake dub mix

Quite a lot!


I thought pettibone did v1 of iou and ric wake v2 – doesnt look like anything is missing bar the 7s.


Yep, it was network 7, the offending mix was by a guy called Zeo and was an acid mix of Long and Lasting Love his October 88 single. I have a copy…. Sadly!


at the risk of driving everyone else crazy like i am trying to recall the details, there was a show in the late 80s that was class – i am almost certain it was Sunday Mornings, Channel 4. i was reminded of it here as i am certain the guys that did the Acid Drops remix of I Quit were on it once and basically did an acid house remix of a new single by a visiting guest. i suspect it was either Owen Paul, Nik Kershaw or quite possibly even Paul King.

the only other thing i can recall of the show was they had Vim Fuego out of Bad News in once, and sat him down to watch Evil Dead II. when they checked in on him, he was smoking about 8 cigarettes at once!


That sounds like Network 7 (I’ve got the theme tune on 12″ somewhere!).

I seem to recall them having Coldcut on the decks mashing up Vivaldi & hip hop breaks, in the same kind of situation yo mention.


*you mention*!


This looks pretty ace, of course. But where are the 7″ edits/remixes of When will I be famous, Drop the boy, I owe you nothing (2nd release) and I quit? Why aren’t these appended to the album on disc 1? Frankly, their absence spoils this a bit. Is it too late?

Terence Delaney

yea true, hope it’s not too late to rectify this…..


6 versions on the trot of I Owe You Nothing (with the 18 min version at the end being only one [or a medley] of them) seems a little hard going!