2013 three disc “Push” reissue is out on Monday 4 November

Eighties era boy band Bros have their 1988 debut album Push reissued by Cherry Pop on Monday 4 November.

Here we bring you exclusive photos of the new generous 3CD set, which comes packaged in an eight-panel card wallet. A massive 25 bonus tracks (largely remixes) are added to the original 10 track album, including four seven-inch single edits.

Full details and track listing can be found here – in the meantime enjoy our photo gallery, which includes a visual comparison with the original CD from 1988!

Reissue reinstates original vinyl cover (click to enlarge)
Original photography and design respected (click to enlarge)
8-panel card wallet holds booklet and 3CDs (click to enlarge)
Click to enlarge
Original 1988 CD (left) versus new 2013 reissue (right)
Original 1988 “Push” CD
Rear of original CD versus new 2013 reissue
Massive amount of remixes and bonus tracks (click to enlarge)

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Tony Knight

An amazing album well put together.

[…] debut long-player, something reflected in this reissue which doesn’t repeat the extensive three-CD set afforded to Push in […]

extinct zebroid

Agreed, it absolutely beggars belief.


After hearing the second CD, I have bad news. As some of us, here, were afraid of, ‘The Beats’ version and the ‘Pettibeats’ versions of IOU are…THE SAME!!!! Not even the late ‘Whooo!’ we can hear on the promo 12″ on the Pettibeats version is here, so we have TWICE the exactly same version on the same CD, with just two tracks between them. A BIG shame, unforgivable and really hard to explain on a release like this, where it seems that there was real care around the making of it…how can things like this happen? Nobody with an intent ear listened to ALL the different tracks at first, and to the complete thing later, to prevent mistakes like this to happen? I still can´t believe how a negligence like this can ruin an otherwise really nice release :( . So bad…


Wow really? Haven’t noticed and purchased on release. Shows how much i’ve played it!


“Excellent” package. Right from the start my disc 2 i disc3 is scratched. Thanks on nothing, Cherry Red.

Thorsten Saaz

Hi Paul,

I found two mistakes in the booklet!
1) I owe you nothing had 4 different sleeves for the 7″ vinyl in 1988!
(1. Craig, 2. Luke, 3. Matt and 4. all of them together)
2) The CD debut of the “Over 18 Mix was in 1988 on a 3″CD from Japan!

Can you tell me who compiled and mastered this Box?
I can’t find any Infos in the booklet.

Mike F

@Richard John – I’m not a Bros fan, but bought the Over 18 mix not so long ago out of intrigue. It’s true that it is basically a bunch of different mixes edited together, but it’s done very well and flows as one (very long) piece. A nice touch is that the b-side is a silent groove and the label just states “NOTHING”.


hey Paul!
does this Bros reissue comes with a booklet?
if so, any good?
& more importantly how’s the sound quality?
thanks Paul! SDE rocks!!!


And to think even with two discs, there are still remixes missing. Valiant effort though.


I believe the “Over 18” Mix is actually a medley-not an 18 minute version of “I Owe You Nothing”.

Richard John

I’d really like to hear the “Over 18 mix” of “I Owe You Nothing.” Just want to see how they managed to stretch that out to 18 minutes.


The “Over 18 Mix” consists of several different versions put into one. It includes two Pettibine mixes, the Ric Wake version, an acapella and a bootleg. That’s their trick for stretchung it ;-)

g man

mines pre-ordered :-)