Bros / The Time expanded reissue


Cherry Pop will reissue an expanded version of Bros‘ second album The Time next month.

The Time was the 1989 follow-up to the band’s debut Push, and after the departure of Craig Logan, Bros became a duo. Although it eventually spawned three top ten UK singles (Too Much, Chocolate Box, and Sister), the album only sold a fraction of their debut long-player, something reflected in this reissue which doesn’t repeat the extensive three-CD set afforded to Push in 2013.

The five bonus tracks here include a few twelve-inch remixes and a B-side. This expanded reissue of The Time will be released on 6 April 2015.

Track listing

1. Madly In Love 7:10
2. Too Much 3:35
3. Chocolate Box (Album Version) 4:01
4. Money (Album Version) 4:24
5. Streetwise (Album Version) 4:31
6. Club Fool (Album Version) 5:30
7. Black & White (Album Version) 3:54
8. Don’t Bite The Hand (Album Version) 3:10
9. Space 3:43
10. Sister (Album Version) 4:25
11. Life’s A Heartbeat (Album Version) 4:48

Bonus tracks

12. Too Much (Extended Version) 6:43
13. Astrologically 3:30
14. Chocolate Box (Swing Mix) 6:18
15. Sister (Remix) 4:23
16. Madly In Love (Joe Smooth 12″ Version)


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Granted this was a terrible release by the brothers themselves… even with all the mixes included, it still wouldn’t save this dire release! To me Bros stopped being brilliant after Craig left the group as the material here showed… isn’t Madly in love a rehash of Too much? Now that’s too much!!


Rubbish and nothing which wasnt on european cd singles either.


Moreover the b-side “I’ll count the hours” was missing and it is still missing…

Mark walton



the lyrics of Astrologically would have been a nice addition…


I do agree with everyone here… I bought this one the 1st time, and this was pretty strange … The liner notes describes all the contents about the differents frormats of the singles, but in the end only 1/3 has been put to this CD !?

When I saw your title, i thought that they had decided to do an accurate edition… What a deception !


What a lazy reissue.


Yeah, it was from 2010! I thought, no way, are they doing a new expanded now again/already? Yeah, it was a disappointment. I kind of hoping they would correct their fault doing a 2 or 3 CD set.


Absolute disappointing!!
“Push” was a really good Expanded Edition, but this is awful.
I waited years for all the remixes of “Madly In Love” and now
this failure.
Shame on you Cherry Pop!!


A truly awful expanded attempt – could have easily been a 2 x CD edition. Wasn’t impressed the first time cherry pop released this, never mind a duplicated 2nd time. Many mixes omitted i.e. Too Much (Wembley Mix and 7 edit), Chocolate Box (from memory 8 standard remixes, plus some from Brice forest) and Madly in love (6 remixes, including the Single Remix from Joe Smooth) – many of these where vinyl/promo only and never appeared on CD. Such a wasted opportunity. Plus it would have been nice to have a dual sleeve (UK and US editions had completely different artwork)

Guke loss

Why don’t the cherry team listen to you and other fans.til then I’ll keep my own cd-r.
Will we get changing faces with “shelter”.


I always thought it looked extremely odd to have a pop duo on Top Of The Pops were one of them was hidden behind a drum kit.


This is not really a new expended edition because it was issued by Cherry Pop a few years ago (it is simply a reissue of a reissue).