Bros: “Push” reissue improved thanks to SuperDeluxeEdition readers


Cherry Red Records have made a last minute change to their reissue of Bros’ 1988 album Push –  first announced via this blog  earlier this month – and it’s all down to the passion and enthusiasm of SuperDeluxeEdition readers!

The triple-CD set, with its massive amount of rare remixes, was very well received, but a number of you pointed out that the classic seven-inch remixes – i.e. the singles versions that were played on the radio – were a disappointing omission. Since this blog is well read by ‘industry’ and fans alike, this feedback was picked up on, internally at Cherry Red, and in consultation with licensor Sony, they have secured the tapes and are adding the seven-inch versions of When Will I Be Famous, I Owe You Nothing, Drop The Boy and I Quit.

Matt Ingham from Cherry Red said the following:  “Having read the fans’ comments on SuperDeluxeEdition, we realised there was an opportunity to make this celebration of Bros’ “Push” even better. To that end, we are pleased to announce that four seven-inch remixes from the UK singles will be appended to CD 1″.

This is fantastic news for the fans and we applaud Cherry Red for taking on board the feedback offered and making the change.

Updated 3CD Push track listing:

Disc One

  • When Will I Be Famous?
  • Drop The Boy
  • Ten Out Of Ten Push
  • Liar
  • Love To Hate You
  • I Owe You Nothing
  • I Quit Push
  • It’s A Jungle Out There
  • Shocked Push
  • Cat Among The Pigeons
  • I Owe You Nothing (7″ Mix)*
  • I Quit (Single Mix)*
  • Drop The Boy (Single Edit)*
  • When Will I Be Famous (Single Edit)*

*Newly added tracks

Disc 2

  1. The Boy Is Dropped
  2. Silent Night
  3. Shocked (Live)
  4. The Big Push Overture
  5. I Owe You Nothing (The Shep Pettibone Mix)
  6. I Owe You Nothing (Pettibeats)
  7. I Owe You Nothing (The Voice)
  8. I Owe You Nothing (Club Mix)
  9. I Owe You Nothing (The Beats)
  10. I Owe You Nothing (Over 18 Mix)

Disc 3

  1. When Will I Be Famous? (The Contender Dub Mix)
  2. When Will I Be Famous? (Infamous Mix)
  3. When Will I Be Famous? (Club Mix)
  4. When Will I Be Famous? (Acapella Mix)
  5. When Will I Be Famous? (Bonus Beats)
  6. Drop The Boy (Art Mix)
  7. Drop The Boy (Shep Pettibone Dub Mix)
  8. Drop The Boy (Shep Pettibone Mix)
  9. I Quit (Acid Drops)
  10. I Quit (The ”Turn-On” Mix)
  11. I Quit (The Acidic Mix)

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Terence Delaney

Which Version of SILENT NIGHT are we getting?, Just the 7″ Version or Full Length Version?

Stephane P.

Excellent idea to add the single versions.
But note the absence of two Pettibone remixes on this release.
I Owe You Nothing Dub & Shep Pettibone Re-Remix are only still available on the US promotional twelve inch…


This is just amazing news. Fantastic. Thank you Cherry Red.

Mike F

Just a quick extra for Cherry Red (I don’t know the answer to this myself) as I Owe You Nothing was released twice, was it the same 7″ mix both times?

Terence Delaney

No it was the album version first time around even though 12″ said 7″ Mix in 1987, it was Remixed in 1988 but no mix title on any version from that release sadly

Mike F

Well done Cherry Red for taking things on board. It’s great to have a record label listen, and also to hear that tapes have been secured. Next step Cherry Red: stop the vinyl rips, or at least do them much better if you HAVE to use them!

As for the Thompson Twins thing, I’m a bit confused, as the first five albums have been done, and not by Cherry Red. FWIW I’d much prefer there to be no dead space on those CDs so to maximise the amount of extras. With the trio line up albums the format they used made sense anyway because of the cassette bonus tracks.

Stephen K

If there are some forthcoming Thompson Twins reissues, let me suggest this: keep disc one of an album reissue as the album only (go ahead and waste that extra space). Put the 7″ mixes out on a definitive singles collection CD. If you have bonus material on a 2nd disc that won’t all fit, and doesn’t justify a 3rd disc, then okay, append some bonus material to the 1st disc.

This Bros release looks better with the 7″ mixes on the 1st disc than without them.

You know? Go ahead and make that Thompson Twins singles collection a CD+DVD set of 7″ mixes and music videos. That way, people who want the DVD will have to get the CD, which, even though totally worth it for the 7″ mixes, might be a hard sell with so many other Thompson Twins greatest hits compilations out there. And, I’d much rather see their music videos all on one disc, rather than spread out across several album reissues. And then I might suggest a 2nd CD of remixes that wouldn’t or didn’t fit elsewhere on other album reissues… although, keep the price attractive. Surely, it doesn’t cost that much to add an extra CD?


Agreed that the Madonna remasters were poorly done, with a small number of randomly selected extended versions attached. With M on a new label, it’s unlikely that WB will re-do these.

Howard Trigg

I think that gives them more reason to release them. They will own the copyright and will want to continue to make money from her, so hopefully that means worthy reissues.
I still can’t believe that Madonna’s 25 years in the business was ignored… unbelievable.


I am not a fan of Bros and will not be buying this under any circumstances. Nevertheless, I think it’s wonderful that the record company heard the fans and was able to make changes to the finished product.

Howard Trigg

Thats EXCELLENT! Nice to hear record companies actually listen. Cherry Red certainly seem like a company to reckon with when it comes to resissues.
I just wish Warners would reissue Madonna’s albums (properly). Her 3 reissues were shit and unworthy.
Warner should take note.

Terence Delaney

I Agree


Let’s hear it for people power, haha. That’s much better news, I’m glad that Sony and Cherry Red saw the error of their ways!

Terence Delaney

Me too


Please let them re-address the Dee C. Lee Shrine 2CD tracklist, and include the two missing 7″ A-sides they’ve left off…