Dead Or Alive / Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know / limited white vinyl

Dead Or Alive‘s 1986 album Mad, Bad and Dangerous To Know will be reissued on limited edition white vinyl next month.

The album was the follow-up to 1985’s “Youthquake” and was the second and final long-player recorded with producers Stock Aitken Waterman at the helm. It was also the last album to feature the original band line-up.

Mad, Bad and Dangerous To Know features the hit singles ‘Brand New Lover’ and ‘Something In My House’. This new white vinyl edition is a numbered first pressing and is limited to just 1000 copies worldwide.

This will be released on 9 November 2018 and is being made available on the SDE shop. If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to order your printed ‘keepsake’ booklet edition of the SDE interview with Pete Burns – his last interview. If you ordered the now sold out purple vinyl of “Youthquake” they are shipping at the end of this week!

You can order both the vinyl and the booklet at the SDE shop (or use the buttons below).


1. Brand New Lover
2. I’ll Save You All My Kisses
3. Son Of A Gun
4. Then There Was You
5. Come Inside


1. Something In My House
2. Hooked On Love
3. I Want You
4. Special Star

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Received my ‘Mad Bad and Dangerous to Know’, very nicely presented vinyl, well worth owning, and many thanks for the much improved packaging which ensured it got to me in perfect condition.


Paul, will you be doing the Sophisticated Boom Boom vinyl reissue at the SDE Shop? Noticed it on ‘The Sound of Vinyl’ but would rather wait and order from you if you’re going to sell it.


Amazon U.K. are giving a release date of 16 Nov. Is this because it has to be shipped I wonder? Anyone know. Thanks


Thanks Paul. Ordered through SDE shop.


Going back and listening to the box set that came out, I have to say only half of it sounds any good.

I’m talking about the “Sophisticated Boom Box”. The sound quality is not very good on many of the tracks. It sounds like really bad vinyl rips on some of the songs. I don’t mind vinyl rips if they are done right. Some sound like cassette tape rips maybe.

Some of those tracks on there sound like they are taken from various sources. And while some of the tracks don’t sound bad, about half of that Box Set is worthless to listen to.

I just wish somebody would re-release all of Dead Or Alives albums and really do a good job of remastering the albums, as well as include all those wonderful remixes and and 7 inch singles.

I wish it would be done right, There’s so much good content on that box set and only half of it was any good to listen to.

I do think this white colored vinyl looks nice. And I like that it’s being released in vinyl. But what matters to me is the sound quality.


Just taken delivery of ‘Youthquake’ from the shop and more importantly for me, the booklet with Pete’s last interview, which I haven’t read since his death. Great to read again, and one of, if not the, best interview ever with Pete, he really did seem relaxed with you Paul. An essential purchase for any fan.


It was the DVD’s in the box set I was really disappointed with. Even the corrected ones were nowhere near the quality of those on the ‘Evolution’ DVD, and some of the TV appearances were available in better quality on YouTube!


hi paul any chance to other copy of dead or alive mad bad and dangerous to know? its out to fast for me thanks for your answer kind regard janick


thanks i buy in few minute now its back in stock thanks again for all janick


No Sophisticated Boom Boom? Well maybe in the future.

Larry Davis

I may order this, but I missed out on the purple Youthquake, so i would love to order both…i do have a related US Epic promo interview record, supporting this album…the cover is the same but the photo is black & white, not blue…looking forward to getting the booklet…

Michael B

I am so excited to wake up to this news ! Ordered!


Lovely stuff – missed out on the initial stocks of Youthquake (though I’ve managed to place an order elsewhere for this). Order placed for the album and the interview booklet on your site Paul. Nice to be able to make a small contribution for the site – has been massively valuable and of great interest since I first joined. Keep up the excellent work.


I love seeing this released on vinyl. I hope the remastering is good. But I am always disappointed when items are not also being released on CD.

John 79

Thanks for the heads up Paul, ordered straight away.
Also Paul ,thanks for running a really special website with all the up to date SDE information.

Richard Simcock

Just read the vinyl is ‘WHITE & TRANSPARENT MIXED VINYL’. Is this 2 versions or a 2 colour vinyl?

Richard Simcock

Sounds lovely, thanks Paul.

Steve Robertson

Got it. Not the booklet, I got that with Youthquake lol

Stevie B

Excellent! Ordered my copy, looking forward to this and the Youthquake coloured vinyl & Pete Burns interview booklet :)

A double CD album of 12” mixes was supposed to be released last month in Japan (you could pre-order it on Amazon UK for £34. but it’s been ‘delayed’ according to them, whereas CDJapan says the release was cancelled. Wonder if anyone knew what it was and if it’ll ever be released?

Auntie Sabrina

My order is yet to be dispatched, Amazon could not confirm whether it was released, I doubt it wa, I had a gift voucher which I used to pay for it – £22.84.

Richard Beebee

Super duper excited about this !!!! Let’s hope all the back catalogue get the same treatment. Love to see SBB in leopard skin vinyl !!!


Ordered! Looking forward to these coloured reissues.
I really hope ‘NUDE’ gets the same treatment, it’s undoubtedly their magnum opus and one of my top ten record of all time, an Orange vinyl would be stunning!

Maybe we could even get Nude: Remade, Remodelled on commercial vinyl for the first time? We can dream.

Annabel Lecter

I agree, Stephen. Nude is my favourite album.

Although Percy and Lever co-wrote, I recall Mr. Burns mention in his autobiography that he sacked them, after learning they planned to quit after the Nude project was completed.

Considering the album was self-produced, it was a darned good piece of pop and great songwriting. So pleased that the Sophisticated Boom Box remastering finally sorted the CD track timings, which were shoddy on the original Epic compact disc.

I think one of the things I really loved about Dead or Alive singles was the different artwork on the 7” and 12” singles. Image was really important to the band. I wish there were promo videos for more of the earlier singles.


Music on vinyl are releasing Nude too. Coming soon.

Annabel Lecter

Nice to see the back-catalogue receive some additional love, further to the box sets which landed around the time we lost Mr. Burns.

The band line-up changed a few times, until it settled into the Burns, Coy, Percy, Lever quartet for three albums. But they were phenomenal with this combination.

As I have the Sophisticated Boom Box vinyl set, on clear pressings, these releases won’t be tickling my record shelves. But they’re lovely, aren’t they?

My originals of Youthquake and Mad, Bad.. are in gatefold sleeves. Still treasured items in my collection.

Peter Nicholas

Thanks for this Paul, have ordered.
Are all the albums being released in these special ltd editions do you know?

Peter Nicholas

Fingers crossed they do some of the others. Clearly there is a market for them.