Demon to replace 10 discs on error-strewn Dead Or Alive box set

Dead Or Alive / Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI 19-disc box set

Demon Music have investigated the errors on the recently issued Dead Or Alive box set and will replace more than half the discs in the Sophisticated Boom Box to fans who request replacements….

You can read the detail around the fixes below (taken from this post on Demon’s website) and the process for getting replacement discs is also laid out.

Demon’s statement:

Dead Or Alive ‘Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI’

We have carefully read through all of the comments and e-mails we have received, and we are now in the process of rectifying all issues that were raised. To ensure that the changes we have made are correct, we have enlisted the help of an expert to act as a second pair of eyes and ears, and are satisfied the changes below address the issues that have been highlighted.

Thank you for the feedback – it is appreciated.

Demon will be offering replacement discs of 8CDs and 2DVDs to all customers who e-mail to the following e-mail address deadoralive@optimal-media.com

This is the process:

  • Subject line of the e mail should be ‘Dead Or Alive’
  • If you have purchased more than one copy and need multiple replacements, please write the number in the subject line, for instance “Dead or Alive x 2”
  • Customers to not write anything in the body of the e-mail apart from their name and full postal address including post code/zip code
  • Each e-mail will be responded to with a confirmation
  • The replacement discs will be ready to ship from the 28/11/2016
  • Optimal (the manufacturer) will ship the packages via DHL/UPS and they estimate a delivery time of 2-3 days depending on location

Below are the issues that were identified and the actions that have been taken:-

Disc 1 – Sophisticated Boom Boom – CD1

Track 1 – ‘I’d Do Anything’
Issue – Finishes with an extra “do do do” which sounds odd on play back.

We have corrected this error and are remanufacturing this disc

Disc 2 – Sophisticated Boom Boom – CD2

Track 5 – ‘What I Want’ (1984 Dance Mix)
Issue – Plays the same as Track 2 ‘Original Dance Mix’. Upon seeking advice from an expert we have now corrected this and will re-manufacture this disc

Track 9 – ‘That’s The Way I Like It’ (Dub)
Issue – plays the same as Track 12 – ‘Keep That Body Strong (That’s The Way)’.

Despite being extremely similar, these versions are different. We understand that the (Dub Version) was an earlier version of ‘Keep That Body Strong’. From a historical perspective, we are keeping this in place.

Disc 3 – Youthquake – CD1

Issue – plays in Mono
Issue – Track 12 – ‘My Heart Goes Bang’ (7″ Version) plays the same as album version

We have corrected the mono error and are remanufacturing this disc
We have sourced a new master for ‘My Heart Goes Bang’ (7″ Version)

Disc 4 – Youthquake – CD2

Issue – plays in Mono
Issue – Track 4 – My Heart Goes Bang [American WIPE-OUT Mix]
Issue – Track 8 – You Spin Me Round [Big Ben Mix]. Sounds like it’s a reconstruction, using a clean intro (lifted from the Performance Mix), and a clean 7″ single version, with the bells/chimes in between coming from a crackly vinyl source

We have corrected the mono error and are remanufacturing this disc
Track 4 – My Heart Goes Bang [American WIPE-OUT Mix] should actually be listed as an ‘Edit’. The full length mix has never been released on CD, however at present we are unable to source a master with the full, unedited 6:45 duration.
Issue – Track 8 – You Spin Me Round [Big Ben Mix] – We were supplied an analogue tape by Sony. We believe the chimes may have been lifted from another source and edited to create this unique mix at the time of production.

Disc 6 – Mad, Bad, And Dangerous To Know – CD1

Issue – There is an awkward gap between ‘Then There Was You’ and ‘Come Inside’ on the original album sequence.
Issue – ‘Brand New Lover’ (Edit) appears to be slower than any other version.

The segue between Tracks 4 & 5 has been fixed and we are remanufacturing this disc
We have sourced a replacement master for ‘Brand New Lover’ (Edit)

Disc 8 – Rip It Up – CD1

Issue – Track 13 ‘Something In My House’ (Short Version) should be an edit of the album version but plays the 7″ remix.

We have sourced a replacement master of the 3.57 “7” short version” and we are remanufacturing this disc

Disc 12 Fan The Flame (Part 1)

Issue – Track 1 ‘Fan The Flame’ (feat. Gina X) / Track 2 ‘Unhappy Birthday’.

Steve Coy included this version of ‘Fan The Flame’, as it was previously unreleased and acts as an opening prelude for the album, which was re-sequenced. Track 1 now segues seamlessly into Track 2 ‘Unhappy Birthday’, which was the original Track 2 on the 1990 Japanese release.

Disc 14 – Nukleopatra – CD2

Issue – Tracks 1 and 6 ‘Rebel Rebel’ are exactly the same (they should be different mixes).
Issue – Track 12 should be ‘International Thing’ (NU-NRG 12″ Remix) but plays the album version.

Track 6 is ‘The Hole Mix’, whereas Track 1 is an earlier shorter version of that mix. Track 1 and 6 are identical up until 6:10-ish. Track 1 has an “UGH!” at this point and ends abruptly. Track 6 has no “UGH!”, and starts to fade out instead… so they’re the same mixes, with very slight differences to the endings.

We have sourced a replacement master of the 7.02 ‘International Thing’ (NU-NRG 12″ Remix) and we are remanufacturing this disc

Disc 18 and 19 – DVD 1 & 2

Issues – Cropped, freezing issues.

We have gone back to the source masters and fixed all of these issues and are re-authoring these discs.

We would also like to highlight that in the process of putting together this set we have used the Sony and Steve Coy masters. There are no MP3s and vinyl rips used.




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my box finally arrived been trying to get the faulty discs replaced they told me to send proof of purchase I sent pictures of my box here is hoping they correct the problem they created…sucky customer service.



As DMG published a new on his site:


I contacted Uk Amazon.

We must send back the whole vinyl box soon as the new free error stock will be ok.

As they said, just click on ” return or replace item button ” to have new vinyl box at home.

If i understand well, new stock will be on Amazon within 10 days.

No need to send back now, as soon as it’s on stock just process to send back to Amazon faulty vinyl box and choose replacement or refund.


Mark N

I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the errors on the new replacement discs.

At the end of “I’d Do Anything” on Sophisticated Boom Boom CD1, the last “do” comes in a bit sooner than it should. I assume they just cut it badly from the version they had, rather than use the original album version.

Also I don’t know for sure, but I would imagine both the 1984 mixes of “What I Want” were the same pitch in 1984? They are different speeds on the repress CD2 of Sophisticated Boom Boom.

The Short Version of “Something In My House” doesn’t play very smoothly either. It sounds like all the MIDI instruments are struggling to keep in time but don’t lose their pitch so it’s not a tape issue. It’s like Edsel needs to put a penny in the meter.



I just received the 2 vinyl box ^^

Top parcel, no paper protection i mean no wrapped box.

I have a minor damage on the edge of Exclusive amazon edition (no sticker exclusive amazon on also)

Well it wasn’t a joke, it’s really Elvis on Side A of nude deluxe vinyl Box, ok on Exclusive…

I didn’t play album, only this night i checked nude album.

I noticed that the blank between 2 track is not on the right area.

I mean, we can see when a track is recorded on a vinyl and blank part too and it’s not good.

It play well but surely not well pressed factory.

Any news about vinyl replacement???

Very bad so big fault once again…


paul griffiths

in the uk>>>>>mine arrived today

1 – Sophisticated Boom Boom CD1
2 – Sophisticated Boom Boom CD2
3 – Youthquake CD1
4 – Youthquake CD2
6 – Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know CD1
8 – Rip It Up CD1
9 – Rip It Up CD2
11 – Nude CD2
14 – Nukleopatra CD2
18 – Promo Videos DVD1
19 – Live DVD2


I write from Italy. Bought the original Amazon exclusive CD box edition when it was realeased, the original/first set arrived but I’m still waiting for my 11 replacement discs. Contacted both Amazon and Edsel/Demon 20 days ago but none of them is helping me at all… Amazon continues to tell me to wait for a customer service reply (they say they are investingating my issue) and Edsel says my replacement discs have already been sent to me (of course nothing ever arrived here). I asked them proof of shipping but of course no answer at all… Is there anyone else here still waiting for replacement discs like me?


Hi again ^^

I fight over one hour with Uk amazon by tchat to know what’s wrong with extra delay for CD box.

” MayBe due to wrong stock item” i ordered on 6 november few days ago it was out of stock.

Now it’s ok and ready to ship.

At one time, they said you haven’t been charged cause item isn’t sent.

Impossible as i payed by gift card account.

After they said, change your method of paiement, we will re-credit your gift card account so the order will be faster to be sent???

As i said impossible and there’s no difference money by gift car and visa and can’t afford to be charged on my visa once again.

To the end, they said, no difference with money gift car or visa, and my visa so my order is ok and will dispatched soon…

Soon is not answer for me, no dispatch date so no delivery date.

Don’t understand why problem with cd box, as i placed same time order for vinyl deluxe edition and it was sent yesterday.

Also for Exclusive vinyl box ordered on 8 december and sent yesterday…

Seem to be other problem with cd box.

Nothing due to sending outside uk, as they send to me vinyl box and exclusive box.

Maybe sent on Monday, but surely arrive at my home in France after Xmas :(




CD box is once again on stock:


But my order still ” will be dispatched soon ”

Dispatched soon well, for me the most important Box is CD as after a lot of play no pb, instead of vinyl…

Vinyl box will arrive on 21, but CD box no information…

Very boring situation…




Well very strange….

I ordered cd box and vinyl deluxe edition on 6 november.

And soon as i saw exclusive version was avalaible i ordered it too.

At this time, both vinyl box are sent by amazon uk, but not the CD box…

Hope really that DMG will answer to me whay for the pb on vinyl box and after will reply to know why CD box is not available.

CD box on my uk amazon order is written ” will dispatch soon ” instead of dispatch on 16…

Xmas is not so far, but it seems that CD box is very far far away ;(


Matt NYC

Just FYI, the replacement discs arrived here in New York City. I haven’t played anything but there are 11 discs; labeled as follows:
1 – Sophisticated Boom Boom CD1
2 – Sophisticated Boom Boom CD2
3 – Youthquake CD1
4 – Youthquake CD2
6 – Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know CD1
8 – Rip It Up CD1
9 – Rip It Up CD2
11 – Nude CD2
14 – Nukleopatra CD2
18 – Promo Videos DVD1
19 – Live DVD2

Greg Daniels

So I am pleased to say that I finally went through the fixed CD/DVD packaged over the past week or so and have listened to and watched everything. I don’t hear or see any more big errors and am now quite happy to have this, if only for the first three albums. Those are the only ones I really loved. I ripped all the CDs too and have them saved on my PC and most of it is now on my iPod now too. The only issue I have, and I am hoping some kind person here might be able to help me out, for some reason, the ONLY ERRORS I could detect on the whole package now were (oddly enough) two tracks skip on my CD1 of Nude. That would be on disc ten actually, I guess. I am not sure if anyone else has this problem or just me somehow, but “Come Home With Me Baby” (7 ” Version) and coincidentally, “Come Home With Me Baby” (Deadhouse Dub 7″ Edit) BOTH SKIP!!! Actually so does “Love Toy”, but I don’t care for that track anyways. Anyhow, I wanted to replace those two tracks. Drives me NUTSO when it skips as I listen to it on my iPod. I don’t want to buy another CD… yikes! Just was wondering if someone else out there might have it where it does NOT skip. If so, I would be so appreciative if you could rip it from the cd @320 kbps mp3 and perhaps be kind enough to email it those to me. At LEAST the regular 7″ version. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!


Now base.com are saying the CD box set has been deleted. I ordered mine in October and now I can’t find any for sale online. Really want this but now not available! Would have thought they would have wanted to sell as many as possible to pay for fixing the errors.


Where did get this information???

A link to follow it?

So all Amazon retailer or other retailer will be affected by missing vinyl on the box?

Hope it’s not a hoak, cause i don’t understand why the forget a vinyl on the basic edition and not on the Exclusive vinyl box…

Email to DMG was sent, awaiting answer on monday…



Why would it be a hoax ? Check out Edsels FB page if you think it’s a hoax.


Yes, it seems the ‘basic’ vinyl edition plays Elvis on side 1 of Nude – WTF???!!!! Thank f*** I managed to get the 10″ edition – also bought the CD version (yep, Xmas cancelled as I’m now broke) and the errors in that were horrific but were duly corrected and replaced FOC. After that mess, how in the hell did Elvis get onto a whole side of Nude?????? AND the vinyl editions were re-checked apparently ( by The King himself evidently!!)



Well if I understand, Only the basic vinyl box is faulty, not the exclusive vinyl box ?

Hope dmg will oublis new soon and how to get the miss vinyl.

Amazing so muchas error for nothing.



What do you mean Neil???

There’s something wrong on vinyl box???

A wrong version or wrong song of another band???

Is it a joke???


We are aware of the pressing issue on the Dead Or Alive Vinyl box. This issue does not affect the Limited Edition version.
We are currently re-manufacturing the mis-pressed ‘Nude’ album and will issue an update early next week with a date for when the replacement vinyl will be available.
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.


It’s being reported now that on the vinyl box set that side 1 of Nude plays the new Elvis and the Philharmonic Orchestra Lp oh dear.


Hi ^^

Well Amazon Uk started to send the vinyl box deluxe Edition and the Exclusive too.

Strange, the deluxe Edition is now currently out of stock and Exclusive product still on sale.

The Cd box is out of stock but but as i ordered one more they didn’t dispatch yet.

Hope all box will arrive before Xmas :-)


Jesus Galeote

Replacememt discs arrived in Spain also

Onnie C. Hettinga

Ok is it just me or did anyone else that got the “replacement discs” find that all the tracks are now not even in the right order?



Well i finished To play all CD/DVD

Strange things on some songs on DVD 1.

4/3 instead of 16/9 as se en on other media.

For me sound problem as they wanted To make extended version and they miss something.

Either they didn’t check it or once again factory problem.

Well it’s not so bas overhall, juste Walt new box within 10days


Gregory S Daniels

Got my replacement discs today in the US mail, here in Massachusetts. I am about to have a look-see, and see what’s what…



Live in Japan and the videos on same dvd are ok for me.

Ok as soon as that screen format didn’t change.

I mean, as i wrote on a previous message that Live in Japan is on 4/3 screen instead of 16/9 on several other official DVD and the Japan LD of the live.

Didn’t understand why…

Left the video on the other DVD.

10 days left, before receiving Box ^^




Only dvd video to play.

All is good for me.

It’ll better when like all will receive the cd and vinyl exclusive box.

Hope before xmas if no delay problem for amazon.co.uk and french post office that’s the problem in France.

On the forum who’s living far away from germany for the cd remplacement and received or not y et the parcel?



Southeastern USA. Received discs.


Got all 11 replacement discs yesterday in Ontario, Canada. Received from Optimal in paper sleeves.



To Jordan follow this link:


DMG tried to solve majority of error.

That’s why there no Fan the flame inside.

I get cd replacement but Fan isn’t inside.

That’s CD 1/2 to play and DVD video to play.

One week before amazon uk to send CD box and tomorow after it’s time for Vinyl deluxe edition and Exclusive Amazon Uk Edition( 500 Box only and 1000 for Exclusive CD box)

Hope really all box arrive before Xmas ^^



got mine in california


Got mine today. Ohio, USA. Didn’t get the Fan The Flame CD. Emailing them now.


Received replacement disc in Georgia, USA. sent by USPS.

Gregory Daniels

Still nothing in the mail…


No replacement discs for me in Canada yet. Anyone else in Canada received theirs yet?





The exclusive amazon vinyl box is once again to order and on stock on 16 december.

Very good or worst is cost less than the basic vinyl box…

I send email to DMG to see if it’s real and free error as the delay of one week the released.

Awaiting hope this day answer from him.



When you folks get the disks could you all say which country you are in?
I’m in Oz and am still waiting!
Anyone from Oz got their’s yet?


Hi Rik

Im in Oz nothing yet. Have you received?


Replacement discs arrive today, fingers crossed all good when I try them tonight!

Gregory Daniels

In Massachusetts… still awaiting my replacement discs. Getting annoyed at this whole process, but I guess I shall try to remain patient, as it seems some of you in the US have now received them. Did they come via USPS or UPS or FedEx, etc.???


None for me in Pennsylvania yet.


11 discs received today in USA from Optimal.

Truly amazing & bizarre how this has all happened. If Nostradamus has somehow predicted this, then I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.

Several thoughts. It feels like a watershed moment for all labels. I can’t imagine any of them will ever permit something like this to happen again (or I’ll be proven dead wrong in a week, one or the other). Kudos to the online community who responded so quickly in such detailed fashion when the first sets shipped. I know it’s just a silly box set, but nice to see action and reaction taking place. Yes, we were listened to and taken at our word!! Tribute to Pete and the group members that so many people care, especially considering how long it took to get such a project out in the open to begin with (which is still the real crime). Best of all, proves the physical media market is still alive & strong for the forseeable future as Demon otherwise would have certainly just thrown in the towel being faced with such a financial boondoggle.

Ray Miller

I’m in the US and received my replacements today 12/5, so if you are in the US be a bit patient and they should show up.


I havent received my replacement discs. I’m in the USA. I’ll prob just return my unopened set if these dont arrive soon.

paul griffiths

only just sent the email for the replacement discs……hope i’m not too late???
any one know if there’s a cut off date??



Well maybe till New product will be on stock.

It also depend of how many jeep the faut box and how They sent back to retailer.

I have 3 cd to play and 2 video dvd.

After will wait like other New cd box and vinyl box too.

Hope really they’ll arrive before xmas.


Greg Daniels

Anyone in the USA receive the replacement discs yet???


Nope, I’ll let you know though. In CA.


Got mine today in CA, USA. WooHoo!



Well i want you 7″ mix it’s noisy as they said.

Don’t know if they tried to cut the start or erase this song.

On Mad Bad

Track 7 Hooked on love seems to play a little bit slower than i remember?

Does anyone noticed this?

On Rip it up CD vinyl source as mp3 are less powerfull than other song but quality is good.

Left to play CD1 to CD5 and DVD video.

The best for the end ^^


PS: tried to post on my tablet and nothing after posting strange bug…

elliott buckingham

replacement discs arrived this morning 11 discs including 2 dvds


Well no more post from me on the subject???

3 cd already read.

Will continue with Ript it ip 1 and mad bad this day.


Jim Edwards

Mine arrived this morning and I have to say Rip It Up sounds amazing. Will drive my Husband round the bend later with the rest of the corrected CDs. Fingers and everything else crossed for the vinyl edition. Have to say, the T Rex and Suede vinyl box sets really could’ve been executed with a little more style but fingers crossed.


On the Nuleopatra cd2, I confirm that the Rebel Rebel Extended 12″ Mix is the correct one now (the one from the promo 12″), and not the Extended NRG 12″ Mix aka The Hole Mix Alternative Version.

The International Thing Nu-NRG 12″ Remix is also now correctly replaced.


Bug on my computer.

I also checked on dvd evolution and It’s 16/9 ratio…

Well don’t understand why they jeep 4/3 picture.

It’s not the most important but as previous released of the live was in 16/9 was thinking that it should stay on 16/9.

Will listen more cd tomorow and give my opinion just after.




Maybe I don’t know how to setup my dvd read de or my tv but it seems that live in japan is on 4/3 ratio???

I checked my ld of the live in japan I have easyly 16/9 with a good quality picture.



Replacement discs received in Belgium.

Bruno Miguel Bulcão Ávila

Just received the disc here in Portugal.

But where’s the Fan The Flame replacement?



Follow the link below


They explain what They did finally.

Enjoy what we received, less than 3weeks to receive vinyl box too:-)




I just received the corrected cd this morning, i’m living in France and Manufacturer is located in Germany.

I’m lucky cause i received the bubble letter almost opened, some people look inside and saw what was the cd.

11 cd:

Sophisticated boom bom CD 1 & 2
Youthquaque CD 1 & 2
Mad bad CD 1
Rip it up CD 1 & 2
Nude CD 2
Nukleopatra CD 2
DVD promotionnal video
DVD Live

Will star to listen some song in the car and will end in my home with denon player ^^

Is there other lucky pepople already received cd :-)

Great day, good job DMG!!