Kate Bush: Audio Fidelity update

Kate Bush / The Sensual World vinyl reissue

If you’ve placed an order via Amazon UK for Audio Fidelity’s vinyl repress of Kate Bush‘s The Sensual World, you may be wondering what’s going on, as the delivery date keeps getting pushed back (it’s currently showing as ‘unavailable’).

We made some enquiries with the label and can confirm that while both of these are definitely happeningThe Sensual World has been subject to delays and Audio Fidelity are still trying to pin down when this title can go to press. The news is a little more positive for Hounds Of Love fans. That title actually went to press on 27 May at RTI (with finished stock delivered to Audio Fidelity this week) so it will definitely be available again soon, at reasonable prices. Remember, this will be the only version of the album in print that includes the original version of The Big Sky (Kate’s current Fish People CD version replaces the album version with the ‘special single mix’).

Ironically, we can only find the old Audio Fidelity Hounds Of Love on Amazon, although that listing for the original 2010 pressing might be where new stock is feed into, so keep an eye on it. More on this when we have it.

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I got the “Hounds Of Love” Audio Fidelity last year [1st pressing], but mine is not numbered… why?
Today I got “The Sensual World”, and it’s numbered “2048”, could this be the 2010 pressing?

Is there any difference between the 2010/2014 pressing?

Rob Puricelli

Hounds of Love arrived on Friday, Sensual World is due on Monday.

Woohoo :-)

C Feeney

Sensual World preparing for dispatch. Estimate delivery 31st July – 2nd August. Yay!


Ordered mine in April via the link on here, it arrived today and was the 2010 numbered edition!

C Feeney

Arrived today. Numbered edition, unlike The Hounds of Love that arrived a month ago. Glad I didn’t cancel my order, also made in April. Very nice vinyl, After 3 months of listening to the Autorip mp3 it’s great to be able to crank up the volume on my hi-fi and hear the detail.

Jon Shaw

My HoL marbled vinyl arrived a couple of days ago, looks and (more importantly) sounds superb! I hope they sort out TSW soon!!

C Feeney

I now have the HoL marbled disc – arrived this morning. Says 2010 on the label. NOT individually numbered.
Posted from USA though ordered from Amazon UK.

Very nice!

C Feeney

Hounds of Love is in stock on the above link. £29.99 if that floats yer boat.


Sorry Matthew, but in this instance you are very much mistaken.

The mastering was done especially for vinyl by Steve Hoffman & Kevin Gray direct from the original analogue master tapes; and Kate herself approved the test pressings before the LPs were authorised for production.

I have Sensual World and Hounds of Love from their initial pressings and can confirm that they both sound incredible, the best I’ve ever heard them.

They’ve been getting a significant amount of turntable time (especially ‘The Ninth Wave’) ever since I was fortunate enough to secure some tickets to one of the live shows in September.


Kate Bush on Audio Fidelity….if you love re-tweaked versions of CDs pressed to vinyl marketed at a premium price, you’re in for a treat!

Rob Puricelli

You need to do your research…


i’m also still waiting for their Sade reissue


This happened with their Sisters of Mercy release, ended up getting pushed back nearly a year, but it did come out.

Jon Shaw

Thanks for keeping on top of this Paul. Today I got the dreaded ‘we’re still trying to obtain this from the supplier’ email from amazon uk on my TSW order. here’s hoping it’ll be resolved soon.

Rob Puricelli

Thanks for the update, Paul. It’s been incredibly frustrating but at least we now know that it IS happening. I was beginning to wonder :-)